Character - Witches on a chimney


This is the final piece for my demoreel. I’m finished with this for now. But nitpick and lemme know what I can fix to make it better.

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Looking sweet so far, Its difficult to say cos we cant really tell what the front view of the model should look like, however i think the chins far too square and should be a lot pointier like the nose.

Can’t wait to see the final thing. good luck dude.


Agree with roadkill, the chin should be rounded at the bottom, at the angle where his jawbone is, that will make it look more illustrated.

Also his eyes seem to be more sleek and evil looking that the illustration. Are you going to rig him to get into a seated position? I think modeling him very bent over almost sitting would work as well. Ahh, maybe it will be an animated movie in which case, even better! This will be a really cool project.

Also, exagerate the hat a bit. I little bigger and more cloth like. The top of his mouth shouldn’t be as open either, I think this is making him seem more evil and less smiley too. bigger puffier top lip as well.

Well, this will really be nice when you get this completed. I’m still waiting for an idea for my final demo piece. eek

Good job and keep up the detailed work!



hmmmmm?!? so you are going to do it eh. Thats neat. You obviously just started but you gotta get your self some better refence fo the wrinkles for her clothing.
Look at the person sitting besides you and look at their shirt, theres much more happening there than just the horizontal wrinles. The witch in green in that painting has what I’m talking about on her sleave; some areas have no wrinkles, and others are packed.

So your going to do this before term 6 is up eh? I know how it feels and what will happen, good luck fonzy you’ll do more than just fine.


see you arond dude, and keep it comming


thanks for the replies and comments guys

Road Kill - I made the chin pointier than before. what do u think now?

Bonzo - yes i will rig him and get him into seated position. modified the eyes and chin and lips as you suggested. how do you like it?

Gene - Yay good to see u. ur right about the wrinkles. i improved some of them on the shirt but still have to make better ones for the pants. guess im gonna have to get dynamic wrinkles and drapery book by burne hogarth. lemme know what else to fix in this update.


new updates


started texturing

Please guys give some feedback. I really need to know what to fix…


I think the problem is that there IS nothing to fix…:wink:

The yellow works in the 2d picture on the witch’s face, but I think you could tone it down on the 3d model.


hooray for himanshu!
models are looking good.
a few more days in you’ll have the
painting come to life.


Hey FONZ!!!

Its a nice piece and I know you are going to make it look great! Keep the good stuff coming!

The top crow is not as fat in the reference, and get those bricks detailed man! Just the bump is not doing the job, the tea pot is bigger in the reference as well but I really like where are you going with the textures, as usual.

Sweet job so far man!


looks, good, try bleaching out your coulours, and dirtying up the textures a bit more, if you’re trying to match the painting



Thanks for comments…please keep them coming!


it’s looks very good…
keep up the good work


Excellent work! I especially like the detailed texturing you’ve done so far. Great! Also the lightning allready looks very good. It really matches the scene. :applause:

Looking at your hand I’ve missed the texture for the nails - I suppose you’ll add this soon. I’d also really like to see some wires to get a closer look at your models.


This is going to turn out stupendously! Great job so far. After the lighting is set in this piece, it will be brilliant!!! :bounce:

I would suggest some modeling tweaks. The top of the chimney could be less planar and more variant. Also, some more modeled flaws on the edges of the chimney. For instance, in the reference pic, the right hand edge, at the top has very sloping and changing edge. The bricks look nice. Wait, very nice.

A little more grit in the textures as well. more flaws in the color of the cement/stone (top chimney texture - light and dark biege/grey color)

There is something a little strange about the contact between the teapot and the table. i see that area will be covered by smoke later, but perhaps lighting will darken the underside of the teapot and all will be well.

His expression is much better now, he looks really happy to be there with his friends, on top of a chimney, smoking and drinking, with the birds.

You’re doing an excellent job. I hope all is going well and this project will wrap up in the time you have allotted.



Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone! Worked on the head today and made some subtle changes to the chimney.

Da3x - Yes I still have to add the fingernails. Hopefully I’ll get that done by tommorow. The lighting is simple 3 point. I’m not planning to use any fancy lighting technique(i.e. FG, GI etc) since 3 point seems to be getting the results i want. Thanks!

Bonzo - I’m very flattered! I have made the top of the chimney less planar now. Still have to add more flaws to the chimney, shall do it soon. And i also have to figure how to make the contact between teapot and chimney work. The reason i dont have too many flaws in the textures is because the painting seems not too have too many. But i’ll still keep your point in mind.
I really appreciate the detailed critiques you are giving me and hope to get more of the same. Thanks a lot again!

Please dont hesitate to critique everyone, it will only help my work get better!



hey fonzy hows it going dude? I’m dissapointed to hear that your only going to get one witch done. I think If you didn’t sweat the details you would be able to get all three of them done easily. Just unwrap and through down base textures on every peice on it, unless your planning on getting in that close on her, I wouldn’t bother going that crazy on all the wrinkles in the face of witch you will not be able to see from as far away as the painting is. I mean come on the other 2 witchs will take under a week to build and unwrap for you. The point is you’ll be surprised at what you’ll be able to get away with, without going all apeshit on the details that will never show. Also the point of the painting not being that detailed came up earlier aswell. I think it will look much nicer with all the elements there than with one lone detailed witch, it’ll demonstrate your ability to complete a task to an employer too.all in all it looks very cool, I’m sure what ever you decide to do it will still look just as kickass.


She is too scary… I will have nightmares now :frowning:


Yes, very scary, perfect Textures. Good work! :thumbsup:
I’d also like to see all three of them.


getting anxious for an update

any more WIP?
no rush, just a thought!



Looking promising Fonzy. Try to do all the witches if possible, i know how busy it gets in term 6, but it’ll be more impressive if you can recreate the picture completely.