Character: Witch


Modelling this based off of reference from this thread:

I asked in the thread if it was OK to model her, but never got a response. So here she is so far. Would appreciate any comments her to this point.

THanks for looking. :smiley:



Head shot only:



Very nice start BgDM. I think the head piece’s horns or whatever are too symmetrical…maybe change some of the folds so they are not the exact same on both sides…just my personal opinion.


Wow, is that fabric geometry did you simulate and turn to mesh or is that modeled? Thats good work man. So she’s going to be a naked witch?

The shoulders lack some diffinition as do the biceps and forearms… I assuming you actually aren’t finished with those.
The breasts are well done but the abs and rib cage diffinitions aren’t there yet… I’m assuming your not done with that either :stuck_out_tongue:
Again, great work on the head. :bounce:


thats a freakin awesome design. You should have fun modeling her.
The cloth wrapping on the helmet horns looks more like slightly wrinkled tin plates atm. You might consider softening and rounding them out, so that the wrapping follows more closely the contours of whatever is beneath it.
The breasts could also use some more definition atm. They are just floating there and lack a natural shape.

Now finish it!

oh, are you going ot make the demons to?


Wow! Thanks for the positive comments guys. I appreciate it.

Yeah, they are mirrored copies. I will break that up when I have her competely modelled. No worries.

It is modelled. Started with an 8 vert circle mesh and then extrude, scale, extrude, etc. Then I did a fractal subdivide of the mesh and converted to sub-d’s.

Well, her torso will be naked. See the reference image I posted the link to.

And I will be adding some definition to the arms as a next step.

I see whatyou mean about the wrapping. I will smooth that out as you suggest. I thought the breasts were actually pretty good. I don’t want huge, typical CG breasts on her. I thought the size and shape was looking good. Can you be more specific?

The demons are being done by anothe fellow Blender user names slikdigit, (aka bassaminator here at CG Talk). You can check his progress on them over at the Blender forums here:

We will be combining the witch and the demons in the final render.

Again, thanks for all the nice feedback guys.



Update. Not much added.

Playing with a texture for the belly plate. I think I like this one. Not sure about the shape of it yet, but I like the nastiness of the texture. I need to redo the wrap around her waist. Looks like absolute crap.

I have modified the arms a bit. I think they look better now. Still need to tweak the hands some. That will be next, as all that is left is a lot of fabric and little details.



Nothing to say…

:eek: :applause: :eek:


Sweet work mate, nothing to add that hasn’t already been mentioned.

Will be looking out for the progress.

Keep it up,



the shield the modeled ace or is texture?


Looking great - however, have you asked the original concept artist for permission to model it?
He might take offence to you making one of his copyrighted designs

EDIT - ignore that - i actually read the text and noticed that you already asked!
Sorry! :blush:

Keep at it - its lookin topper


wow cool :slight_smile: what shader do u use??


cool work :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the positive replies everyone.

lula_assassina: You are too kind. Thank you.

sonix: Hey man! I almost forgot you hang around here too. Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to check in on your car progress. :thumbsup:

Tu_Vieja: The sheild is textured. That is a little too much detail for me to model. :smiley: I tried it as a displacement map at first, but it didn’t look as good.

Andy H: Thanks for the kind reply. I really like your work and it is really inspiring for me to hear from you. As for the request about using the image as a ref, as I said, I did ask in the guys thread, but I never heard anything back as to yes or no. I hope that it won’t be a problem.

5awamura: Thanks. Well, I use Blender for my modelling and rendering, so what you see is basic shader in Blender right now. No shader adjstments at all as of yet. Except on the sheild, which has a slight colour change. I have done some colour adjustment in Photoshop to reduce some saturation, but that is all that I have done for now.

pearl3d: Thanks!

Again, thanks for all the nice comments. Keeps me motivated to finish her.



Looks greay BgDm. I’ve been following this over at elysiun. Glad to see that your steadly making progress on her :smiley:

P.S. I’m mr_bomb btw.


is this your own design? I mean, I love the style… gawd, its inspiring; I love weird/sci-fi/freaky characters/creatures, its just so much fun to model them (and to design them)

keep up the good work. its modeled superbly, I would change some of the design aspects, but regardless, it was executed with skill.

keep us posted


Another Update:

I need to tweak the skirt placement some and some verts on the skirt to get it fitting and flowing better. But I think the basic shape is good.

Almost done with modelling now. Just the cape and the small detail stuff left.

shadowdragon: Thanks man. Glad to see you over here too.

Gremlin: Not my design. I am using a ref image from the 2D forum here. See the link in the first post. Thanks for the comment too.



Skirt update:

I think I have it looking the way it should now. Anything look odd to you all?



Apart from the fact that shes a topless witch with a mask and horns? No.
It looks fecking great so far - really nice cloth modeling and the shield looks great. Keep it coming!
What are you aiming for in the end? an animation? or a 3d version of the pic its based on?


looks to me like her shoulders/armpit are off. the shoulders seem too wide? in the reference the breasts don’t go straight up like that. bring in the shoulders and reshape the tendons underneath.