character: witch


I’ve started with this model a while ago and found it again :wink: . I’d be pleased to hear some c&c and some suggestions concerning environment, cloth … many thanks


dude, shes hot!, most sexy female model yet.

seriously though. I would recommend more wrinkles on the face (around the eyes area like bags and creases at the sides) to show age. And how bout some decaying teeth.

As for cloth and environment, I see her with the black hooded cowl, shadowing parts of her face, in a dark stormy night lit by lantern candlelight but I’m sure your more creative than that.

Actually I think you could increase the freakyness factor if she had a big demented smile


wow … that’s cool input … many thanx … windmill


Looking horrid so far =)
-the face could use more detail, wrinkles and such
-ear looks a bit simple as well, is it just the lighting ?
-why not dress her in a tanktop and a miniskirt :wink:



Nice work on this so far Boris, I think the nose and the mouth really make a witch and you have captured a very witch like look :slight_smile: I assume one of the eyes is intended to be blind, I don’t like this personally as it seams to capture your attention unduly.

I would also agree with the earlier comment on the wrinkles in particular under the eyes I think which could do with some tweaking to put some more life into them and perhaps a little bit of evil intent.

Looking good.


More wrinkle, plus there’s something not quite right about the hair… maybe it’s too straight, witches hair would be more matted and tangled. Good modelling though, you’ve done a great job in making her look really badly underweight. Also, when the modelling is done try and work in the skin material - the specualirty seems wrong and the bump mapping is unrealistic.


many thanx for your replies. I’ve removed the procederal skin shader. Because of lack of time I’ve decided to make only a head rendering with a green glowing and smoking cigarette that she holds lazy in the edge of her mouth.
I’ve changed the hair completely and started to use the new hair possibilities which will come with Realsoft v5. I’m luckily beta tester of it.
The wrinkles will follow with a painted bump texture I haven’t even started yet.


I like the look of the new hair Boris, I think it certainly needs to be more dense though, its very thin an wispy at the moment, interesting idea with the cigarette I would have to see how that one pans out.


ok … I’ve made the hair more dense and made a very ragged start of the bumpmap

Many thanx for your comments!


thats sick dude!! really cool tho!..maybe get the hair to be casting shadow??!
keep updating!


:slight_smile: thanx! shadow casting hair is in the current beta possible but aliasing is bad so I’ll show later.


This is now more a Scene sketch. Hands and cigarette need much more work. Just the idea


I wasn’t too sure about this idea before but I think it looks really good now, as you said the hand needs more work (its very skeletal) it would be nice to see it pressing against the face.

Nice work on the wrinkles although I think they need to curve more around the bridge of the nose and the side of the nose. Possibly they need to be a bit deeper too?


It really looks like she’s having the first cig of the day… it might fit the mood if she’d squint her eyes at the bright morning light. The nose is begging for a wart =)


I worked the hand more out

… and a first wip of the breakfast she’ll be sitting in front. Texturing is very provisional


One of the ugliest things I´ve ever seen in CGTALK…


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