Character: WIP Psylocke


This is a way for me to express my frustration for not seing Psylocke in Xmen 2.
I took Kelly Hu 's head for reference and a Jim Lee’s drawing for the body…
I’ll finish this soon…


isnt that the wrong color of costume ?


well i thought Psylocke wasn’t an asian chick. I know she was adopted by a clan of ninjas as a small child, but her origin is british.


well yes originaly she was british but her mind fusionned with an assassin (Kwannon) from a japanese clan. And so this is the 90’s version of psylocke…


<B>Vizion</B>, Her ethnicity changed at some point. I can’t remember why it happened plot-wise.

…Oh whoops someone else beat me to the answer.


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