Character Wip: Megenato


I think I’m about done modeling on this one; just wondering what you all though about it. The weapon you see is supposed to be a flamethrower. Time-wise he is to be set in sciencefiction, although the clothing is inspired by civil war/world war images.


nice clean mesh. The feet seem a bit to big. His ass area also looks a bit weird, it hasnt got alot of definition and it seems a bit of a waist of geo.
His lips also look a bit messy but that could be because you havent connected the 2 halfs togehter.

Still very nice work


I would agree with the above comments, a very nice and well proportioned model that is effective and geometrically simple. Just those few tidy ups to go. His glasses also appear to have a large cluster of polygons too.


You might try making his arms a little bit longer, I feel that they are on the short side. When the characters is animated the arms will get even shorter when they’ll bend.
His waist and upper legs seem to be a bit wide for a man (more so for a hero), his torso feels a bit ‘flat’. Other than that, no comments. I like his arms, they have a nice feel of weight, and the face looks great too. Are you going to put a texture on?


Cool! i’m diggin it :slight_smile:



Thanks for the feedback, guys. I updated the post above. I tried to address the issues mentioned, and additionaly tweaked out the leg/hip areas as I felt those needs work, too. The arms were also lengthened a little bit. I’m going to move on to unwrapping/texturing now. I’ll post another update when the texture is progressing.

Thanks again,



definitely looking forward to seeing the texture pass. great stuff


Looks good, the body looks very clean.

The head could really use some optimizing though - that thing in his forehead seem to contain some intersecting polygons which looks kind of bad. Looks like you could cut a few polies off the top of his head as well. And what’s going on in his glasses? Can we get a close-up?

Nice work though, keep it up!


Here’s an update with the texture. I changed my color choices some, blue is still dominant. Working on the face right now, then will move to flamethrower.


texture is looking great, I like the armour and the boots especially…I kinda feel it needs a few more highlights though to give it a little more “zing” :wink:


Excellent work! Great poly distribtion, nice textures and a good design. Only crit i can say is that the textures look kinda drab at the moment. They could use some more contrast, shadows and specular - not a lot though - they look really good at the moment.


Humm. I disagree. I actually think it gives the character more personnality. All IMO of course.

And awesome work. Crazy texture work really!


Well I just got screwed a little here; I’m working with 2 512x512 maps. One contains the head & firepack, the other has the body. So, I was importing the head/firepack 512x512 back into deeppaint, and for some reason it placed it on top of the body 512x512 instead… and I saved it on accident… it overwrote hours of work and I didn’t have a backup… woohoo! Not good, at all. Well, it’s a great reminder to always backup your work incase you’re HD crashes, or if you are like me you are just an idiot. But heres the last screenshot I took before I lost it. Face and firepack is still saved… but now I have to redo most of the body… sniff sniff. :frowning: :frowning:


that’s awesome james =D


Wow. I really, really, really love your work. Awesome.


wow that is some texturing :slight_smile:


Okay I am going to try and call this one done; comments are critiques are welcome…

Here is a close-up shot of the face.

And also the UVS, which is 2 512x512 Maps. Polycount is 2590.

Thank you again for all the comments.



i was hoping u would add a lot more depth iunto the textures they seem sort of blury.
some nice kind of cloth texture in the pants and other areas wud do it some good.
and hte metal parts need some weathering,
the shading is alrite but it needs a proper texture.


I think the use of overlays over the cloth and skin can really push him to the next level. I love the character, just keep going with him.


wow love your style, the model is so awsome!

love all about it, keep it up!