Character WIP: Female anatomy/deformation topology study


Bit of a rant, but there’s been lots of stuffing round to talk about :smiley:

Front 1/4
Back 1/4

Leg Deformation 1
Leg Deformation 2
Leg Deformation 3

She currently weighs in at 3790 triangles, and I plan to just let this one slide and use as many as I want, up to 5.5k maybe. I’ll also make a 3k version when it’s done.

This has been an ongoing spare time project since the 3rd gameart comp. Since then most of her has been rebuilt, and particular attention has been spent in making low poly topology that follows muscle movement and holds realistically under excessive deformation. I also focused on using the default max biped with basic manually weighted blended vertices.

I’ve spent way too much time fiddling with this model… I think I’ve physiqued her at least 40-50 times. Just going joint by joint, moving verts round, messing with weight values, turning edges, then changing vert numbers and rephysiquing. Using basic joint rotation animations, I’ve compromised the weighting between various angles of rotation. I’ve also messed with biped bone placement to find some optimal positions.

As such I haven’t spent much time on the actual form of limbs and torso, and the head is higher than I’d like right now. Proportions are early, and not necessarily going to be realistic. I’d particularly like anatomy critiques and topology discussions.
Yes i know she’s a bit butch, thats more from the muscle study, I’ll tone her down later.

Anyway’s, I’m just going to keep chipping away until I can get the most out of it.
Time to mop the floors and watch a movie hehe.


This is the most acurately modeled female I’ve seen within real-time limits. Greatwork. :):beer:


This is so great man! Can’t believe that she is only about 4000 polies so far, you really managed it to place the polies there, where absolutely necessary, I could learn a lot from your meshes, very inspiring!
Also love the way she poses! Everythins looks so natural and realistic, can’t wait till she’s textured!
Only critic for me would be here clavicle that seems to be a bit too thin, and her breast look a bit too oversized. Work a bit on this and that and you will have one of the most accurate modelled and realistic looking game art models out there! :thumbsup:



Have you ever considered writing a tut on this. . . cause I could use it. I love the muscules they look great, I really would like to see the arms closer up.

Wonderful work :applause: It rocks dude:buttrock:


Hey Sadist. Great to see you continuing on this model. I remember way back at the game comp seeing this WIP and then never seeing a finished version:(

Anyways, a couple crits.

smoothing groups:
shoulder section looks a bit odd on the smoothing group by the collarbone I’d suggest just putting them under the same one.

lower leg looks a bit feeble in comparison to the thighs.
the breasts look delicious! however, they are a bit too plump for normal human anatomy, but for game art and for a silohuotte? its pretty damn good

the fingers are a bit long but I’d love to see a close up with the wireframe I think they are almost perfect for low poly and would like to see them in orthographic. Likewise with the feet I’d like to see a close up if possible.

after look over the pose shots the knees seem to be deforming odd. Also, the pose where the leg is raised up the ankle/achilles tendon area looks like it could use one more line of polys. The bottom of the heel also looks like the verts need to be pulled out just a bit to round it.

These crits are EXTREMELY nit-picking this model is ready for animation and in-game play. I just thought I’d throw out a couple things I saw that could be worked on if you got an extra 20-30 min.

Be sure to check out “MY GIRLFRIEND” post. I’ll be posting the new face I modeled using the topography stuff Cant and others discussed. I’m hoping with this thread and the model I’m working on we can lock down a good universal map on the female anatomy.
anyways back to modeling.


I’ve spent way too much time fiddling with this model… I think I’ve physiqued her at least 40-50 times.

perhaps theres better work flow? I’m not sure about CS but couldn’t you export the weightmap, so you don’t have to reskin the model where its the same weighting.

You could only do so much with weighting vtx.


Yeah it was most unfortunate that it didnt get finished. It seems this year everytime I have spare time and effort to work on folio work, I don’t have a working pc at home with max :expressionless:

Smoothing is early, just doing vague cleans. At this point I’m mostly working with facets, but once the anatomy is sorted u can be sure they’ll all be sorted.

The hands were based off Erik Asorson’s dangergirl, which are quite simply THE best low poly hands I’ve seen. I made a few alterations for deformation and form, and the palm section is quite different though. I agree with the finger length comment. I’ll post closeups when they’re more sorted :slight_smile:

The pic’s are from an old physique, I’ll update my pics tonight, and get another opinion of the knee before I comment. I see what u mean with the ankle too, although I don’t know if the gains will be worth the polies, but I’ll give it a shot.

Keep the nit-picking coming, I’m in no rush with this model, and it will form the base of my low poly chicks for the next year or so round these polycounts.
And yep, I’ll be keeping an eye on your thread :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, CS doesn’t save blended vert data properly when you save the physique. At least this is the case up to max4… I pray they’ve fixed it in 5. The other problem is that working on specific joints, those are the areas where the vert numbers change the most, and this voids the use of saved physique files.

It’s not much of a hassle anyway, eg. if I’m working on the hip, I’ll weight the entire leg and foot to the thigh bone, and just mess with the physique in the small region i’m working on. Takes about 2-3 mins to physique for this purpose.

The alternative in max is not pretty. The envelope system just takes too long to set up accurately, where weighted verts can accurately be set in a few clicks.
Personally, envelopes are only useful when you have MANY characters of the same form factor and u don’t have time to do things properly. Also useful for rig test fits, just to get an idea of proportions of a character in motion and specific poses.

I still find the manually weighted physique very quick to work with.
It takes me about 1.5-2 hours for a complex 5k+ poly character, down to about 6 minutes for 700 polies.

closeups when I’m happier with them :smiley:

Catch yas, more pics tonight.
Probably won’t do serious work on it til later in the week, and that’ll be minimal at best hehe.
I have to write a series of tech docs for work this week, I may post some of my workflow docs later.


Careful with the proportions. What is she now, about 9 heads tall? The rest of her body would tend to suggest otherwise. Also her relatively large eyes in comparision to her head suggest a more petite general frame. But this isn’t anthing that can’t be latticed into shape.

Great stuff tho! You’ve got the hard part pretty much done.

peace d=^)


Well spotted as usual :smiley:
Last time I checked she was upper 8’s, round 8.7ish.
Haven’t touched the head for a while, originally it was a stylised anime/realistic hence the larger eyes. She used to be alot thinner and less curvy, so the hero proportions have stuck with the head.
I’ll be making a lower poly head later where these issues will be addressed, I just don’t like working on characters without heads hehe.

Eh, too busy with tech docs, I’ll get back to her on the weekend.


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