Character WIP - Elf dude


hey guys, been awhile… I’m just getting started on a new model, and looking for any crits you can offer. So far he’s sitting at around 1700 tris, I’m not really all that concerned about polycount. I’m not sure if I should suit him up in armor, or go lightweight leather style… anyway thanks for looking.


no crits at all, very nice mesh work :thumbsup:


haven’t worked on him too much, just trying to work out a decent looking concept. I took some elements from FF Tactics I liked. I can’t decide if I should leave him as an elf, since so far its only his pointy ears… the rest would show itself in the color and textures on his armor (probably go with some tree/leaf motifs). Anyway, fire away!


The hair in your first post looks almost “painterly”, was that your intention? If it is it will be interesting how you apply that aesthetic to the rest of the model.

Good luck and keep going! :buttrock:


I like the concept, it feels nice and solid all the way down to the hips, below I’m not to sure. The shoulders and everything else seems very functional and reasonable flexible, especially the joints by the feet on the other hand seem very stiff. Maybe have another whack at them? At least that’s my suggestion :]


Lower armor doesn’t need to be all that flexible, but I agree that it doesn’t quite match the look of the upper armor. I’ll probably add more pieces to the foot (in texture), like this picture shows, so that it has some flexibility. I also changed his ears… so… well, so much for the elf wip! its now a knight wip.


Looking good keep working :wink:


yeah nice work, your character model is great jfalconer be looking in here for your next update.



Gave him a new haircut because the old one was too simple (and easy)… that took awhile! and detailed the greaves… will start on the arms next. Thanks for the encouragement guys!


The head is pretty awesome - you do hair very well… One tiny nitpick, the belt on the right curves up and then goes straight before it touches his pouch. It should probably slouch more. You should post a side view as well, once you’re done the arms.


Very nice model, I’m waiting for more.


Thanks Ardeni… Started working on the arms but still have to do the elbow pads and work on the main shoulder pad a little more. His hands are only blocked in… still, I had to render him out now that he’s taking shape. I’m thinking about adding a cape, and while I’m not 100% sure he’ll wield only a sword I added that in too for effect. Anyway, I agree with you Ramza concerning the belt, I will fix it later. Also, what do you guys think of the gold trim? Should I leave it in? And lastly, in case you’re wondering, I will not leave the armor that way – I plan on doing intricate inlays over everything…


look good so far~~~ keep going… :applause:


Thanks Mio! I’m workin, I’m workin… :wip:

After working on the gauntlets I decided to take a little break from the Knight and start on the environment he’ll be in. Don’t mind the stretching/repeating stuff on the back wall, I’m still in the process of laying it all out. I’m also going to add more details to the pillars and what not, stains, crevices etc… just haven’t gotten around to it yet… more to come…


OK some more work done on the background (still far from finished :banghead: )… I haven’t done much environmental stuff before (I usually like to focus on characters) so I figured this is good practice. I’m still working on the texture and some of the architectural details (such as railings for the stairs, etc)…


Ok… well… getting there bit by bit. I started working on some trees today, and I’ll hopefully have finished some potted plants (for the little alcoves) and a couple of nice flags hanging from over the front entrance.


very nice work! i’d love the environment to have a bit more depth, currently it’s looking kinda flat, but its definitely well done :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on some other details for the setting, but I’m having some problems with Maya’s animated texture (image sequence) feature… keep in mind what you see is still very early wip.

Basically my sequence is about 80 frames, after the 80th frame I’m not sure how to loop it (never learned anything about expressions). I’m also not sure what the best course of action is on the actual water (you can’t see it too well from this angle but I used a procedural water texture). I’m starting to think if I can get the image sequencer working properly it would be better just to make one for the basin as well.

Any advice would be appreciated. :sad:


have you considered being an environtment artist instead of a character artist…I know it’s not as glamorous but you seem to have an eye for it.



thx KDX I’m open to it, I’d like to be good at both :shrug: but I understand ppl need more environmental artists these days. Ok well I found out the solution in another thread here in the Maya specific forum. It works the way I always thought it did but the expression that gets put in there was screwing me up… simple but having never needed to use it before I wasn’t sure if it needed that expression or not.

"In a file texture you have an attribute called “Use image sequence” when you enable it, it runs a script “= frame” which runs each frame as the frame padding of your image sequence. To disable this, right click on “image number” and choose “delete expression”, after this you’ll no longer have the image sequence playback. Then, key frame the image number to the corresponding frame number on your timeline. Example: you have image.001.tif - image.150.tif to run the image sequence once, just select the frame you want in your timeline and key the “image number” attribute as 1 then go 150 frames later and key “image number” as 150. That should take care of it.

oh…later you can select the file texture node and tweak it for loops or so on with the graph editor."

On to creating more water effects.