Character: Water Dance


I got inspired to recreate a photo from the Water Dance project by Howard Schatz in 3d.
As a large part of the purpose of the project for me was to recreate an image, I tried to stay as
close to the original as I could.

And since it was also an anatomy study I chose to model everything, even things that were not
visable in this perspective, and then skin the body into position and model the cloth over it.
Took alot longer that way but I feel I learned something from it.


wow awesome stuff!

how long did it take you, and how did u do the hair?


hey, glad you liked it.

I worked on it on my free time over the course of a few months, mostly on weekends.

the hair was done in xsi with the help of theBigMuh’s muHair shader.


wow…great movement with the hair and cloth. nice work


thanks! :slight_smile:


Jeez, you modeled the cloth? :bowdown:

I would do something more with the lighting though; it could really add to this.


:thumbsup: Supa work, love the hair what did u use to to do it? plus the cloth shader if spot on. :buttrock:



Very beautiful pose, nice deformations. your skin shader is impressive.
can you post original modeling poses? (before skin) (front side back)
good work!


wow, I like. The fabric looks alittle stiff tho and her hair looks thin and one dimensional. Look at this guys hair, might give u an idea of what I mean.BOY1DA’s CHARATER HAIR


Holy cow man that is really good love the skin colors and the way the sheet raps here looks very light. Nice work!!:scream:


Damn that’s great. Love the shader you used of the cloth. I use max but this XSI has shown some great stuff!!!

keep up the good work :buttrock:




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