Character: Warrior, Sunnncho (3D)


Title: Character: Warrior
Name: Sunnncho
Country: Russia
Software: 3dsmax 5.1, Brazil R/s

Ohh! Im happy. Thaks cgtalk for hosting.
I was posting my artwork earlier, but not everyone may see it( because my free hosting was bad).

And now im just happy.

This is a character - fantasy warrior. Work was done in 1,5 mounth.

I promised to do small animation, but im so busy now… and i want to begin a new fantasy character.


Impressive model and great textures. I love it. Excelent work, man!


Oh NO!!! What is it???

YOU are so compress my picture… im shocked…

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Im find the hosting!( ASW_Design thanks for link)


The picture you see in the thread is compressed by the server automatically its only a preview to see a larger version you click on the image itself.


i like your character too
great texturing:thumbsup:


2Kanga: I know about preview… the primary picture not better…


Very impressive textures and model. I feel the pants look a little like clay, but the rest of it works very much.

Good job.


:bounce: Woweeeeee, The textures are :thumbsup:


nice warrior! i like the texture…it’s really good!


nice job! i like the textures…it’s really good


woah, I’d love to see an animation with this guy.

  • it’s more detailed and better overall quality than Shrek 2 e.g. :smiley: so make sth out of it.


Not to go off topic…but the only artifacting I see is on the ground and around the edges of the character, besides that the clicked on image that the server compressesed and your uncompressed version look nearly identical to me.

Great character BTW!



very convincing character


Great texturing man, hands up ! Render is also very well done. The only thing that bother me (a little ;)) is his pants, I can’t feel any buttocks filling his pants. And that’s the only texture that is less convincing compared to all the rest, wich are really very very good.


great work, especially in texturing the armour, and with the general feeling of the character… the pose is , I assume, for animation purpose, so I don’t discuss it… the only thing which is, in my opinion, a problem, is the clothe; mainly the pants: there is an “anatomy” of the wrinkles of a trouser, and an interaction with the legs, and also an interaction with the gravity, (if the character is supposed to be on earth of course!)… the actual form, which is sausage’s like, doesn’t work with the rest of the character…anyway, it’s a very well starting character! kudos!


Really good work. I would love to see a closer picture of that sword. Too bad that the blade is covered:(


Awesome! I love the texture on his pants. But all of the texturing is really top notch good work!


wow, i love it. somthing about the overall dulled out colors and warn look on the armor just makes me want to draw, or play games or somthing…

keep it up man


Hey Sunnncho ,

it shows again how MANY talented people there are in RUSSIA .
Great work .