Character: Warewolf (cel shaded)


hello everyone im new here, and still very new to 3d, but my friend and i started a little thing called sundersoft, and he is learning C++ and im learning 3d, so i think it will work out in the longrun, im sorry if its not up to par, i cant compare to everyone else here and i been debating myself if i should even post it, but this is what we came up with as a mascot for our site thats currently being built


this is the wireframe for the warewolf, its still in diffferent parts because i dont know how to rig :slight_smile:ok if the pics dont work and show a red X just go to, the warefolf and the wire are at the bottom


dude the images aren’t even appearing on your page either:shrug:


:sad: man… i worked hard on this too… ill see if geocities will be working again soon…
[edit] ok i think they got the site working again :slight_smile:


nup, i don’t think its the site, the other images are working, just not the wip2 and wire images. just attach the file if you can’t get it to work


i dont know how to attach a file on this, but i tried opening the image in IE and i copy and pasted picture


i see, nice


RIGGING ers htjhstyvhghvfgh sorry im really frusterated… when i assign a link and move the bone, both of the arms move, instead of the only one i assinged it to! and only that shape of the arm move and not the rest… , but if i groub them together then whole model moves anyone got anny tutorials or something


You have exceeded your allocated data transfer


I see … nothing


Dont use geocities or crap sites like that for direct linking(or anything else for that matter…)

use something like photobucket(i think its called) or some other uploader.

#12 there this one will work for sure, ill get the wireframe up there too, ill start posting updates on here… like when i learn to rigg


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