Character: Warcraft III Fan Art - Crystal Maiden/Jaina Proodmore



For those who have played the game Warcraft III, you may probably recognize her. tho i changed her costume design a little to suit my own taste. i hope it doesnt affect her overall character much.

This painting is done in photoshop7. took me a few days to get it done. i m kinda slow. i hope u like it.

i know there are probably things i need to fix. crits are welcome. thk you


the arms seems a little longer than normal.


I love your BG work for sure.
her torso section isn’t tilted enough to accomodate how high she’s raised the staff


very loyal to WCIII
good work.



cool work! very cool background!!! her right knee (for viewers) looks a bit twisted though…!

keep it up!


:eek: This is a really cool picture! Love the background. I do agree with the long arms, specially the one holding the wand up.

Just one question, how is the wind?
It seems to be going accros the image in the right direction (from a viewers point of view). But the cloth around her middle (the white one) Seems to go the other way. I suppose their’s always distortion in the wind direction, but it might show in more than just the white cloth.
By the looks of the character, there’s quite some wind, look at the cape, but it doens’t show in other things, you could make the wind play with the hair or something. If you look at the snow, it doesn’t really seem to uhm… wind…blow? (>_<) dunno the correct English word.

Anyhow, niiiiiiice picture :applause:


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