Character, Vitaly Bulgarov (3D)


Title: Character

Name: Vitaly Bulgarov

This is model of the central character for my project “Alone on the battlefield” I made it about 2 months. Model has 800.000 faces. There were used only standard tools of 3d max.


excellent work - great details


wow, awesome. I can’t wait to be hit:p , lol…

Can we see wireframe (in details) and some background about him? Thanks.


:eek: Wow man this is incredible! so much detail! Great job!:applause: when can we see a textured version? :smiley:




really nice model with lots of detials :wink:

hopefully u can show us some more close-up


Wow amazing! Closeup pleeeease :stuck_out_tongue:


cool! very exquisite model!


Great modeling skills. I’m anxios too see the final composition :thumbsup:


incredible details. :eek:


wow impresive details !


Very good model. Waiting for textures and final animation…:applause:
Also you choose good pose for this character.
Sorry for my Eng is something wrong.


that model is perfect, wow

i would love a bigger render (1600X1200 :)) please to use a desktop

it looks completely awesome, especially the armor


awesome details!! :thumbsup:


Wow, very good modeling and the details are awesome. Do you want to texture it? It would be cool!


This guys incredible! Didn’t you just post that castle battle on the front page? What else do you got up your sleeve?

Great work. :thumbsup:


lol wire please, the detail is outstanding


great details and pose. i really like that small parts of linen flying around - it makes the image look very dynamic and realistic. cool.

i will give you 5/5 if you texture it :wink:


Incredible! A Masterpiece! Very very intense!

~ Gary ~


I don’t usually plug untextured models, but the detail on this one is really well done - so front page for you :slight_smile: I really like the pose as well - it really conveys action. Great work!