Character/vehicle: my old Monobike revisited


I did this image around 1997, (Alias PowerAnimator)
I know, it’s silly… :slight_smile:

I’ve wanted to ‘fix’ it a long time now, and finally I took the time. (Alias Maya)

Hope you think it’s slightly less silly. Any feedback appreciated.


Yea , ive seen this on your website befor , nice girl hehe:applause: , and is design on the bike yours too?


As usual very beautiful!:slight_smile:

The only remark I have, is that I find the background is drawing too much attention away from the girl.


woooooooow! My old favorite pictures? :scream:

Very nice work and very sexy lady! :thumbsup:


It’s amazing how you can make something that good even better!
Great work as usual!


Looks extremely good. I dont know which hair i like better though the bright blonde in the first one or the darker one in the second :wink: Great work! I like the new use of shadows in the new image.



You are the master. One of my friends who has no respect for people, thinks your are The God of 3d Art.


Holy jesus your great!

But that have to do with the fact that your swedish right?

Ja säger det igen, du måste lära mej de där ;):beer:


It looks great, but it’s a bit cartoon style looking, not my style, but if that was your goal, it’s great! And original!


Some nice girls u got there.
You got a good eye for lovely looking girls.


Dibs on the backseat!:smiley:


Great revision Steven, like the fact that she appears to have more purpose to actually ride the bike now. Very Minority Report

[plugged] two today nice



great !!!:drool: i like so much


It’s very nice but… Am I the only one who prefers the old one? :shrug:


I like them both. It’s all in the arch of the pelvis. :drool:

Is she going to be in any animations flying around on that contraption?


Im sorry, I cant possibly see whats nice with this picture. If you want to show off a womans butt and back in combination with motorbikes, then congrats! (Could prolly also be found in the nearest porn magazine at the gas station)
Its a well done modell, and a cool bike though it has some functional flaws.

But… why??

All it is to me is a model strapped in to some excuse for a bike in the most uncomfy position to show her butt.

Your a great artist! I would rather see this woman on a bed in that position and it would be what it is, an erotic picture. And it prolly would be a darn nice erotic picture.

A hippo in a dress is still a hippo, no need to dress it up.


I like the detailing and everything with the biker more, but the background is definitely drawing too much attention, the biker’s darker in comparison, almost silhouetted, which I assume is not the intention. I lke the girl in the new one too, much more realistic and stylish. Your work is awesome!



:surprised :buttrock:

ow yeah , this one looks better than the old version,it’s more difficult to see thats a 3d scene!
The girl is more sexy :smiley: and the bike (if we could call it like this) has more details than the first one!

Just the background ,wich don’t have the same quality than the rest i think…:wink:

But it’s also a fantastic work !!


I didnt see anything offensive with this picture, i even find it extremely beatiful.

Alice is prolly someone that wants some “attention” by raising the porn issue here.

Anyone care to give him/her some “attention” ?

Good work Steven love the background.



Amazing Work :applause: As always

The background takes alot of the frame, and its alot brighter then the girl, I really like this “fix”, the old one was one of my favorite 3d still images of all time