Character: Vampire Adolescent


this guy’s head was on the new hosted forum, cuz i thought i was done with him, but i wasn’t. SO this is my version of what a vampire might look like… C & C away…


Omg it is very very nice !!! Great look ! What color will it be? A nice texture will rock this char !!!

Congrats :slight_smile:

PS: Are u thinking in put some kind of cloak in him ?


what a crazy lookin model


oh! Nice! Keep posting plz!


That’s totally different from what I expected, I love it, :thumbsup: great work man, nice and original :thumbsup:


Looking great so far. Keep going!


lookin good so far! no critiques from me.


I like it even more than I did, hopefully he’ll end up with legs, clothes, texture, animated…Can’t wait to see the result


Oh man i love it , cant wiat to see it done


that looks kool! updates plzzz…!


Having follwed your work through the forums for awhile I would have to say that the arms on this creature are the best arms That I have seen you make. Great job.

Capel do i get the money we talked about now?


Wicked model man. thinking abt rigging the kid???
good work… damn gotta love the ears on that guy. btw there’s some pinching behind the triceps on the right hand. dunno if its intentional. newayz keep up the good work…



ok, here’s an update… obviously not done with the hands, and from the knees down is just a placeholder for the actual legs… just seeing if that style is gonna work… would love any suggestions or comments. :slight_smile:


Sweet man. Excellent development of the anatomy.


Hey Capel I like the design. There is a lot of potential for character here.


He’s got no triceps mass on the back of his arm. You don’t really need to define the muscle but it would help the arm connect to the body at the back.

Those spikes on his back seem a bit random and stuck on - they don’t seem to have a function and don’t work as well as the other design elements you have. I would either loose them or intergrate them a bit better.

Thats it I think. I like the legs especially. I’m gonna keep an eye on this one.


He (She?) is SO cute!!!


Looks good!.. the chest looks a little funny (the fold that is)… other than that top stuff.


Wow comming along great!

Yeah saw this one in the final gallery,… good to see you go further.

You know he’s falling forward at the moment so my favorite pose is the 3/4 front. I think a ballet dancer position would suit the atmosphere well as he is grotesquely ellegant.

Fine modelling

Greetings Kanga


Thanks for the comments.

andrewley: I’ll try and tweak some of those areas… he’ll have wings eventually, so maybe that’ll help with the spikes on the back… thanks. :slight_smile:

I finished the legs…


The legs look good Capel but there is one thing I strongly suggest you change. The placement of the sole pad make him look like he has two heels. All you need to do is bring the sole pad area forward so it make a 45 degree angle in the profile (hope that makes sense).

Just imagine him standing on his tip toes - how that would look.

Thats the only thing that really stands out form me

Good work.