Character : UNICRON : low poly


Hi all… here’s a low poly model of UNICRON from transformers

model made in XSI with dirtmap shader applyed



Dude that moddel of unicron is one fanatastic creation:thumbsup: .

You have just got to it to credit the original unicron in “Transformers the movie”.

Do you think you could do his alt form as well?


Hi acree… i happy you like the model… first reply :thumbsup:

yeah i would love to get around to modelling his alt form… the only thing thats stopping me are time constraints within my job… but its on the drawing board.




mmm, nostalgia, I own this movie on VHS(somewhere… lol)
that’s a good render for low poly, you should finish it and post it, im sure it will look even better :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Satanicat… thanks for stoppin in to say hi. visitors are always welcome…

yeah i have a fully textured version comprised of 4. 512’s ill post some renders soon

the G1 unicron rocks i would love to get around to modelling that version


Hi again it does look really nice but why don’t you try to add colour it might make it more realistic? Maybe or maybe not hey.

Shame job restrains you I would love to see his alt form.:thumbsup:


I still think it looks cool I’m just wondering why you don’t have many replies.

Anyhow did you model your unicron on the armada version by any chance or was it G1 I’m not quite sure??


Hi Acree. yeah i modelled it on the armada series its the actual in game model used in the new atari game Transformers the games been out for about two months now .

if i get some time today ill post some renders of the model with textures.

cheers mate .



The model is very creative!


Yeah I’ve got the transformers game, having a bit o troubble beating starscream though, I get so close then die, annoying isn’t it.:sad:

Anyhow I don’t remember the Armada Unicron transformeing (or mabe I just missed it?) Anyhow is that why you can do his alt mode???


I still think this is cool i just wish more people would look at it.:sad:

By the way I beat starscream I’m now stuck on Cyclonus, does this ever end???

Sorry getting a bit sidetraced here!


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