character : "troopers" Mecha



My new personal works realised with 3dsmax5, vray for rendering and displacement , shake 2.5 for compositing and painting.

Head design inspiring of nathan campbell (spinefinger )

This “illustration” defined for me a seek environment
(not style of the mecha) of my future short film in preparation.:slight_smile:

Big size 2k







Awesome, I love it


I “kiff” your environement it’s absolutely amazing. Realist and not realistic in the same time… i like that. !!!

keep it up


amazing image! FRONT PAGE!!


Just PERFECT!!! :applause: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:



Very Very nice work and Texturing =)


Good work! Very mysterious place,The design is very beautiful!:slight_smile:


SUPERB texturing and modelling… really very very good indeed.


absolutely fantastic work!

love the textures & colors. very nice mood.
would like to see this thing animated!



thanks all,
I ml happy to see that you like environement in order to continue my short film.

xavier : merci,
j’essaye effectivement d etre réaliste avec la lumière tout en étant un chouille illustratif.


yeah, really great work…especially on the textures.
one thing that bothers me is the position of his left arm (good to see in the clay render) May be its just me…but i think it looks a bit strange
Did you use HDRI or just white skylight?

ps: 4 stars :wink:


awesome. i like materials so much.


Great job, 10 points to the carter and it’s texture, and 10 points too at the envoirment.




Excellente ton image !!!
Keep up the great work!


:eek: 3 stars only? am i dreaming? This work is awesome! I realy like the posing of ur character! It give him, despite of the fact that is only a mecha, a lot of life. He seems to be lost in a hostil environelent, wild jungle. He may try to find a way to get out! I realy enjoy the design of it. Exellent work, first rate!
:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


wow that is some cool stuff. i can only wish to see more of that enviroment.
And the characters wear and tear is just amazing.SWEET



Great job. Modeling, textures, and lighting are all excellent.

PLUGGED On the front page. Congrats!



awesome image - but I think the texturing could be much stronger on the tree if the grain followed the flow of the forms rather than just vertically… but that probably means some UV texture mapping work… yum…