character translation with cloth translation


How do you translate your character AND have the cloth/clothes translate with it?

I have a keyed animation/translation along the X-axis. I want the cloth to “stick” and move along with the character (as clothes should) when the character moves.

Any ideas?


This is what I am talking about:


How many frames are you allowing for the translation? It appears as if your character may be moving faster than the cloth can update. Also, the properties of your cloth need to be correct; cloth that is way too flexible and the wrong mass will not behave properly when you move the character like that. A stiffer cloth will not do what you are experiencing. Also, make sure your collision envelopes are properly hitting the underlying geometry, and not simply passing through. Pinning also works.

Does anyone have good tips for translating a character into its position for animation? Currently, I am allowing 150-200 frames for the character to morph from its T-Pose into the initial animation position. It sucks to wait hours for those 150-200 frames to simulate, especially if you are trying to troubleshoot the proper cloth properties. Any tips?


to: shamonsflame,

You don’t happen to have the clothMesh parented to your characters translation durring simulation?
Both input and output geometry of the syCloth node needs to be in world space or in a group that won’t transform. Input known as “mesh” and output known as as “cloth”.

This leads me to mickstafa’s question.
Run-up set-up, There’s a few waya to do this, it’s not hard, just kinda wordy,
and easily scriptable, here’s a rough discription of the process.

Your char starts it’s motion at worldspace xyz <100,100 100> at frame 100, but you have set up your cloth at <0,0,0> at frame 1

1: turn off syCloth, so no solving will occur
2: copy the pose at frame 100 to frame 90, frame 85, and frame 80
3: frame 80, reset and key the char to be in tpose but still at the correct global pos, set a key for everything that will need to xform/rotate. now from frame 80 to 100 char doesn’t globaly move, but joints rotate into position of frame 100, with frames 80-85 as a relax time…
4: goto to frame 1, reset char to tpose/bind pose, parent the syCloth inMesh , known as “mesh” to the root or main transforming group of your char.
5: goto to frame 80, unparent “mesh”
6: turn on syCloth, then use “initail state>set from mesh”, and make sure the cyCloth start time is set to frame 80.

You should now have a 20 frame run-up. adjust the numbers/curves as needed

Hope I written it down riight, I’ve scripted this and shoved the info to the back of my brain…


I think I have come down with a bad case of double translation…

As explained here…



Now i come to understand what is that mean of “set from mesh”…


Yep, you are right. I read the docs about set from mesh and then wondered if I answered my question. That is a good procedure, and it is script worthy. Thanks for the input.


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