character: toonboy



This is gonne be a char wich I’ll use as preparation for my first encounter with animating …
So to learn I tried to have an as clean as posseble mesh and an possebly expressive model . toony but not to much

any tips ?
I’m not sure how the corners arround the mouth are gonne work …because their not really circular so … I was thinking that it kinda folows the de lines of the muscles arround the mouth area ?
I really could use advice on this .



small update …
Oh and those textures are temp proscedurals I’ll add better ones later .




interesting character, and yes you need the circular geometry around the mouth and circulating all the way up to the tops of the nostril. im reading, stop staring by jason osipa, pick it up if you have the money and serious about producing some great facial animation. he says any expression wont work unless you have that crease around the mouth, you know from the tops of the nostrils to the sides of mouth. other than that you have good geometry around the eyes and for the brow. ill try to post a small pic to show you what im talking about after work.




ok I have changed the wire arround the mouth without losing the char ( I think )
I also removed some egdes going down from the nose to the mouth .
thanks for you tips , theyr apprisciated !

hope this will do the trickyikey !



his eyes look like little speakers lol. Thats an awesome model tho - I really like how its turning out. Keep going!


Really nice style, I’m envious.


@ dever , I think that’s an compliment ?

dont be …


hi ,

this ones ready for animation,
really exited actually
hope it works !

And shoot any advice or crit whenever needed !!




Yes, it’s a compliment. Envious means… jealous (dunno if English isn’t your first language) - to want something someone else has. He wants your skills, man =p.

My only crit would be his hair - it looks very very… flat. Heh. Give it some volume.

Nice work so far =).


Yeah that’s a really cool character.

But why four fingers ? Toony ok but to me it’s a little weird…

Keep it up !!


hi ,

well idd , it was quite a mistake to go for the 3 fingers and thumb ,
and cause you surely not the only one mentioning it , I’m gonna make four fingers :slight_smile:




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