Character: The Shogun



Hey all,

This has been a test in speed modeling for myself.

Gimme your thoughts, more pics to come.

done in XSI.

based on this design by Gerald Brom:


My apologies if images don’t load quickly, the VFS servers seem to shut down at night or something…


Mesh flows really well. It seems very dense though. I would remove some loops that you don’t absolutely need.


the anatomy looks pretty good so far. a couple of proportions are off, the mouth is set too close to the nose and needs to be brought down a little, the width of the head, side-to-side appears too narrow, but it’s hard to tell from the angle of the pose. The length from hip join to knee is to long in comparison with knee to foot. The length of the leg looks right, just the knee is too low. The heel is also squished a little too much as well, there would be some compression, but since there is a bone nob in there, it shouldn’t be quite as much (at least to me). The arch of the foot is too pronounced and wouldn’t curve so much in a standing position. It’s hard to tell from the pose, but the butt may also not be quite round enough as well. I like the skirt/dress thing, but that armor or whatever piece over the midsection looks really odd. Detailing is really really nice. where the cloth touches the back, I’d actually dent the back muscles/skin a little as it would be rl (though if you are just covering it anyway, there isn’t any real need). really nice work!!!


Drakaran - thanks for the the thorough critiques, very much appreciated. Yes, I’m aware of the akwardness of the body armour, it’s only a proxy at this point. I’m working from a character design by Gerald Brom, the armor seems to be a cloth/hardbody combination, I’ll be fitting it to his body so he bend. Thanks again.

Jeffro - thanks for your response. I realize the mesh is dense, I’m going to be doing full muscle deformation on this character, so a lot of the un-neccesary/relaxed lines may be used later in the deformations. Still, I’m certain there are a number of wasted edges, as I modeled this character quite quickly. I’ll go through and clean them up. Thanks again.


I like it so far, I think the face has a personality already. overall the muscles and anatomy look really good to me, I think its a great model so far. look forward to the completed armour :slight_smile:


I agree with Drakaran except for the mouth part. I think that this is quite relative… we always see pople with all kinds of anatomy… from those with “perfect” shape to those with more weird curves…
I think that a model not so perfect will have more attitude and personality.


Nice work, KWAK! Updates!


Thanks for the comments JasonA, Baskiat, and DoctorStopMo, your replies are much appreciated.

Small update this time, I’m just working on the corset, I’ve thrown away the old hard-body version and gone with a more fitted body-glove type thing.

Comments as always are welcome, I’ll be updating again soon.


Another Update,

redid the dress thingy.

IMAGE REMOVED - thanks to my stupid server.


Very nice work. I like the clean mesh you did,even with so much details!!!

Thumbs up !!!


Awesome stuff ,waiting for some updates :slight_smile:


Excellent cloth modeling! Is he supposed to be an actual Japenese shogun, or just a guy named Shogun? His features don’t seem very Asiatic to me, but this is a very, very cool model nonetheless :D.


Wow, the modeling job you have done on this is incredible! I must commend you for your patience :wink:


Hey all,

thanks valu, wiz and Pi3141 for the encouragement, it’s appreciated.

@ DocStopMo: No he’s not supposed to be Japanese, check out the Brom painting the character’s based on, I figure the guy is European or something…I’m not sure. I’m just calling him the shogun cause he carries what look to be Japanese Samurai swords. One of my teachers said his hair is an ancient Chinese style, I really don’t know. Thanks again for the comment

@Pi3141: there’s not much patience involved here, except with the damn cloth. i bulldozed through the body and head in about 25 hours spread over a couple days.

Updates soon, my teach doesn’t like his new robe either, so i gotta do it again…bah…I tire of modeling cloth, perhaps it’s time to give him arms.

little neck update, I re-edged the neck to get the tendons running back to the ears. I’ll put up a more significant update tonight.



Nice work KWAK, good model so far, I like the muscles very much


great model!


This guy is mad lol, what will he be used for?


Hey guys,

This model is going to be used for my demo reel, no real purpose besides that, I really can’t animate, so I’ll probably hand it off to one of my buddies who’ll put it through it’s paces.

I’m going to be (hopefully) full muscle deformations (over the entire body) as well as face shapes, etc.

Right now I’m adding gack/swag (techie bits, armor and such to spice up the otherwise boring costume, expect updates in a day or two).



I don’t blame ya there! Rigging is definitely for the birds! You add a little here so the skin creases right only to have it bulge wrong somewhere else. It’s mind-numbing stuff. LOL I’m already starting to think about my next project to model hehehe


Wait till you see what I got planned, at very early stages right now :wink: