Character - The Scavenger


Hello everyone.

I will attempt to create The Scavenger, a character i drew some time back.

Starting my work with the Maya Nurbs Primitive i find it much easier to get the form out using this technique.

Made the inside of the mouth as well …

Ok once satisfied with the form i took it to Softimage and started with Polys. refining the forms. and Stuff.



looks good so far! It should be fun painting.


nice work , keep it up


Thank you friends fortaking the time to visit my thread.

more updates



Hey man! thats really nice to see that your work is getting in the 3D world… :)) Wish you all the best… nice start btw…

AayZee :arteest:


interesting project, lets see how it goes :cool:


Alright i think i am done with the mouth. seems fine so far.



Alright made a very crude attempt to get the face muscles. very crude these are so bear with me for updates.


are you going to be using zbrush?


Hi Dare-o no i dont think i will use zbrush… not a big fan of it… :slight_smile:



Did some more work on the face muscles.



Alright taken the mesh to satisfactory stage. will return to it after doing some workon the limbs



Ok i think so far i like the head …

then did some work on the arm



ok working more on the arm now moving on to the chest so i can attach the arm with it.



woot for xsi user~


Alright added spots at the back side.



Dam son! …i feel another kick-butt character coming along.

Cool concept and great execution so far. I’ll be following this one.


shadermonkey thanks alot man. Ok worked more on the back defined muscles.



Ok worked more on the Body and i think now its safe to move on to legs for sometime…



Hey man this is lookin awesome ! Really dig the concept sketch + colors =D keep it up man