Character- The QUEEN - A Game of Thrones CCG illo


Hey everyone.
Finished this one about two weeks ago.
Queen Catelyn Stark
Painter 8
Two days.

C&C welcome.


:bounce: I love it. IMO you nailed the color in this pic. Perfect.

Can I ask why you choose to have the view at that angle? Does it represent anything.


Wow dude!!! I Like this one!

But I must agree with mmProj, why is this at such an angle?

Something to crit… hhmm… no, I pretty much like this one as a whole. Nice work!


Wonderful! I like everything, but expecially the clothe’s drapery
I’m a big fan of the novel by the way :slight_smile:



excelent Picture.
But I think the face has a neutral expression


Sweet Jebus!!!
Lovely work. Its is executed with such control. The image is so clear and the lighting is great.


excellent accomplishment


this is extremely well done. however something about the face stikes me as a bit mannish. I cant place my finger on it specifically because covering up all but the individual features, individually they look great. mabe its the jaw line. I just really cant figure it out.


I love it love it love it. I also love the angle because its different.
If you can only give me tips on how you painted her skin, I’d be so very grateful. Every time I paint skin it comes out looking all dull :cry:


I have to agree about the masculine look. I think the shadow below her chin makes it appear too rounded where I’d expect it to be angular and her neck should be smoother. Right ear looks a bit too big.

Nice work overall, though. Clothing, trees, all nice.


I realy like it! It’s simple and quiet.I like color to.
Just one think disturbe me… it’s the decorations on its apron or it’s the color
I don’t know…It’s the first thing that I look it.
Besides that I find that you work well with painter (grr! I’m little jalous, I have try many times but I’m go back always to photoshop [size=2]:banghead: )


I think its awesome, very nice design and detail. The way you render clothing and drapery is excellent


Nicely done. :slight_smile:



This is really awesome!!!
I love the books and your illo really works with them!


Thank you everyone for your comments.


Nice work. …She does kind of look like a very pretty bloke …I think its the square chin, thick eybrows and side burns…and a mou. shaddow? still good lookin though. I enjoyed your website, lots of great work. I would love to do cards.


Hi Mark,
You have a really nice way of using Painter.:thumbsup: What type of brushes do you prefer to use for various phases of and techniques in your work? I like your blending techniques and your ways of modeling form. I like the color masses you have used to differentiate between the different parts of the piece, especially how the color and light of the background trees offset the main figure. One thing that might merit an exploration would be to darken the shadowing somewhat on the distant portions of the foreground figure and the middleground trees as relating to the background glow of light in the rear trees and the the light that is landing on the front of the main character. This slight heightening of the contrast and accentuation of the light may provide a nice result with the overall impression of the piece, however it may also screw up the richness that you have achieved with the overall color scheme. Probably just a lateral move but it may be worth looking at just to see what happens.
I had a chance to look at some of your website also and I really like all of your work!:buttrock:

My Machineflesh Entry:

Sentry Invasion:

One-legged Yik:

P.S. I am having trouble putting an image larger than a thumbnail on my postings. It links to a larger image in another window which is OK, but I was hoping to have a larger image come up in the post like what you have. Do you have any suggestions on how I do this? I’m not sure what I’m missing when I try to do this. Thanks in advance for your time and help on this.


This is a marvelous piece, one of my favs of yours. The gloves are especialy nice, and the bg quickly and effectivly sets the mood instantly.


Thank you all again for your comments.

Mike, for this pix I just used the default “OIL BRUSH Variants” in Painter 8. The flats, and the detail brushes in particular. I started on a colored ground with the pencil sketch floated above the Canvas in a Gel Layer. I used the glow brush for the B/G. From there it was dark to light rendering on the Painter Canvas until done. I’ll probably post a WIP for my next pix, maybe one of those cool Painter movies I see from time to time on these boards. I just have to figure out how to do it…

For posting I use ImageShack
It’s free, quick and direct linking is allowed. What sold me is you don’t have to register or create an account. From there, just follow the directions at the top of the forum. MR. ALL POWERFULL MODERATOR, maybe you could add the ImageShack link to the “Free Hosting Solutions” sticky at the top of the forum?


WOW…this is astonishing!!! :scream: