Character: The New Shinobi


Hey guys thought id post my progress of my new character here as i go.

My reference…

My main study for this project is going to be creating to a deadline, speed and consistancy is my aim. Going to model and texture to a drawn reference, rig, then animate in a 60 second short. The aim is to train some more in character animation, prop and environmental animation, special effects and camera+editing, possibly sound and music composition and editing too.

Love to hear your thoughts so far =)

Till next update…

Peace Out! 8)


OK first look into basics of the shading and lighting, so from there i can easily put things together later on without hassles.

ofcourse, very WIP, as all ive done is use default materials with colour so far, with hair just testing the alpha map too.

2 more updates…

Love to hear your thoughts on progress

Peace out!


Lookin very good, not enough progress to give crits yet, but i thought i’d give some words of encouragement. keep up the good work, waiting to see him finished:thumbsup:


test render of cloth, this is the base ofcourse, from now to finish it will be tweaked and moved and hacked for the desired look.


Wow, looks pretty good. What software are you using and whats your technique on the facial modelling?


Wow, that’s great dude…i like the hair, how did u model them? Which method?


i’ve played all but the very latest shinobi game and ur work wow! it just makes me wanna play them all again(and they’re pretty hard games too especially the Mega Drive one of it :stuck_out_tongue: ).Nice work so far keep it up!


Thanks so much for the kind words!

ok, getting there, here is my start on the torso, ofcourse tweaking required, but ill do that later =P

i may have a basic colour render test soon, i’ll see how much blender wants to be nice to me :wink:

love to hear your thoughts!


I love your character, your “anime” modeling is great… kepp going


yeah man i agree… anim modeling is fantastic renders look cool man… good ol’ shinobi … but sega did a bad stuff up in the ps2 remake… hopefully maybe you can imput your shinobi in the next make :thumbsup: :wink: good luck man see you soon hopefuly with another fantastic update…


Nice to see you used softbody. the result is as great as it was all done be itself :wink:
Have no real crits for now, it look like you are doing a plain copy of the reference. Add up to now it’s looking great.
Shading will sort this out soon. will you go for toon shading?


Awesome work, cant believe your that good and around the same age as me. keep it up, I’d also like to know what software your using and the technique for the hair if you dont mind, did you just model each piece and use an alpha map?. I’ll keep checkin back, this one has potential


thanks so much guys =D

gabio: well, the softbody features i was testing out earlier, but what you see in those renders are modelled like that, the ghost of the wind strength is what you can see, when i have finished him i will apply the softbody again, but from the tests i did i was really happy with the results.

FireEyeC: thankyou for such kind words! i have a lot of learning to go though, probably till i die hahah, i say ill retire from cg then. As for your queries…

Software is Blender, for its speed in all area’s its nice, being a filmmaker at heart i use cg as my camera and actors heheh, i can never wait to get the modelling and texturing done ;). For the hair, just had to sit down a bit bored and push on make each strand one by one, some copied and manipulated highly from a base (sub-divided plane that has been duplicated and rotated on the z a few times to create what looks like a star from top view, so with this type of cylinder i just size it and move it around for each strand, and try and fit the style of hair.

If you have any more queries be happy to give any info =)

so, had some sleep, had some breakfast, about an hour and a half more here, ill try and finish him before the day is out.


here is another small update, sword and then texturing is up, and then i can show some more rendered images =)

any feedback appreciated =D


Hey this is looking really good, you have a very interesting way of looping your mesh, I like it, but I also have to somment on the bandanna, or the scarf, i don’t think it would just sit there like that, i would think logistcally it would have to be tighter to the face. Not bad I would love to see a rendered peice to see how your edgeloops are looking on the body.



ok, texturing almost done, just some tweaks in lower body, got a wip so far, but this one is a tad older heheh

and some wires, apart from a few little trinkets i think hes almost done (holder for sword to back, shuriken dispenser), since i have an animation to do im not going to go too crazy on detail, keeping him consistant over is what i’ll aim for, even if the detial is lower as long as it stays consistant i find it makes it beleiveable.

will have full posed and textured update soon =)

love to hear your thoughts


Thats going very well so far. I like the style and feeling of the character. I think you should do something about its hair tough, its too blurry at the moment. Other then that, its good so far. Keep it up.


Hey man :slight_smile: looking awesome progress is coming along very nicely…!! fantastic work!! keeping the style and thats good… looking forward to seeing more …


thanks for feedback guys!

OK since this is to a personal deadline, and he will be used in animation, minus the sword and shuriken stuff, i think ill leave that as textured.

And some hue tests, just cause i thought it would be cool to see some different colours…


looking great man. I prefer the first version, the others aren’t so eye catching IMO. Red is ok for a shinobi.

Can’t wait to see what you do with it :wink: