character: the lame one.


hey, this is what I just started…

after checking out the DVD… I couldn’t resist.

I know it’s too lame.

but here~

C&C please.


looks like a very good start hsong,waiting for updates…


Haha Song, it is lame :slight_smile:

Real good start, would love to see the body, post a wire thats not faceted plz.




just about to go to bed. :slight_smile:

here is tonight’s final version.

hopefully, tomorrow night, I’ll start on the body.
(or the hair…)

good night to all!


nice start!


Man he looks great. Cant wait to see hair on him though, i reckon the hair on HULK adds to the character.

Call me noob, but how did you go from blocked out to smooth as. MeshSmooth ?


Thank you.

FYI, this is MAX6.

and this is the isoline display thing which is new in max6…

so, Short_fuse, this is simply after meshsmooth… :slight_smile:
nothing special.


Pfft. isolines, who needs em’ :wink:


Looking real good dude, your pic made me realize how small the Hulks ears are…one thing make him more angry

Keep up the good work


thnx, buzzlightyr.

Marsel, you suck! :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, here’s tonight’s final.

I really wanted to work on the hair tonight, but
the copy of shag hair I have now doesn’t work with max6.

So, I just worked on the mesh more.
I’ll start on the body tomorrow night.

I think, it’s a lot better than previous version now.

Good night! :smiley:

C&C please~


Looks great man “HULK BASH” is it just your version of Shag hair that is not compatabile with R6 or all versions?
And what version do you have?

Keep at the great work dude


wow song it looks just like you!! :slight_smile:

anyways awesome work man looks like this one will be even better then arnold…


great job so far. Let’s see an update.


C’mon Song, stop watching dragon ball Z and show us the body ! :wink:

The head is looking cool thus far, although the body should be the real seller.



buzzlightyr: thnx, man. I’m not sure but the shaghair… I need to get the update I guess. for MAX6.

samtack: I think so too. lol this look like me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Marsel: how did you know that I was watching dragonballZ??? lol

and yeah, I’m going through these screenshots from the dvd… gathering some infos about his anatomy…

I’m trying to take enough time with this one…

that way I could have more fun. :smiley:

anyway, I’ll try to come up with some update tonight…


Looks great so far, only I fear that you are going to make it “too good” and then when you send out your reel the recruiter will think you’re ripping off of the dvd and passing it off as your own (even though it is). anyhow, awesome job, keep it up.



hehe, thnx, man.

yeah, that’s a good point.

that’s why I still think modeling hulk is so lame. lol


an update…

struggling with the neck area all morning. :wink:



great work so far,waiting for updates.


Good job… something about the back of the next that bothers me though. Looks like he has a hump or something.

Although should be clearer when the rest of the body is done.

Keep it up !