Character: The Apprentice


Modelled in 3ds Max 5 Texture painted in Photoshop 7 and CharRigger(Thanks Micheal Comet!)

Well I submitted a 2d challenge entry with this guy but he didn’t look anything like this. I’ve been putting in a couple hours here and a couple there on this. I’m happy with how he,s coming along, about 2650 tris, the hands need some more work and I think I’m going to remove his boots and wrap material around his shins and let him go barefoot. Have at it. If you want to see the texture I can post it. It needs work to I think. It’s been awhile since I’ve done 3d.


WOOPS! SORRY! I’m at work right now, but I’ll have the wireframe up tonight.

EDIT: Here it is.


the anatomy is more or less correct…
i think you should balance the amount of details in the face and the body,the face is detailed and the body is verry low polly,they dont fit,furthermore,its over saturated,the yellow and blue hurt
the eye,desaturate it a bit or ad more details…
there are strange stretch marks in the texture of the pants,uv it differently,thre is also somthing wrong with the hair,try to play with the hairline,add more details and make it"drop"more


Thanks jerry. The anatomy is meant to be caracatured. I’ll add more polies to the areas that require it like the hands and elbows. I’m not sure I want to desaturate, but I’ll see what it looks like.

AGAIN, wireframe tonight! Sorry SheepChase!


while u´r at it post the uv layout as well
think i could cive u some advise on that :slight_smile:


Thanks Refulgo, I hope you can help me out. Here is the map and Wire shot

This is late because we had a blackout here in Toronto. No Electricity so I could upload!


read about the blackout, I hope everting whent fine.

so lets look at this,
1, some stretching problems, this can easely bee fixed by some tweaking of the UV´s. about the texturing of the pants, u used 4 projections, I would use like two cylindrical(well infact one on the other leg then I would mirror it) and then tweak some in the groin area, too many projections is hard to control when u match the seams.
2, I would add edges (like the yellow line), so the shoe will be a bit rounder, and texture shadows like u´v done on the body.
3 and 4, as jerry sead “balance”, u should reduse the amount of pollys in the eyes and round the mouth an maybe place them on the shoes

sounds good?


u need to shape the hands a little more…nicely…



Cheers Refulgo! Great Help. I’ll get on it, but I’m waiting for some statbility in my power grid. I’m on here for a bit (the electricity is working but we’ve been asked to limit our use). 21st Century? Lol. Maybe I should post the T-pose so you can have a look. I’ll change the pants and try the cylindical map, and edges at the shoe, as well maybe at the elbow? Update soon. Thanks!

@pheonix; I’m working on it and those hands do need some help.


modelling changes. I decided to scrap the boots , because it didn’t really fit. I shaped the hands better and rounded the arms, and added some tris to the torso. By cutting in other areas I’ve saved them in the face and I’m now at 2556.


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