character: techo girl on street


Hello all, here is an image from an animation I have recently finished. I’ll upload the divx when I get a chance. All crits welcomed. Done in Max 5.1, PSD and Combustion.


here is a divx of a small portion of one of the scenes I have animated with her. To view right click and save as… otherwise the divx screws up. Hope you like it… once again, crits welcome.


thats pretty cool… head looks kind of wierd (big?) cuz of the neck but it still works…



thankx Salvagem. I had to scale her head up to fit in with another character in her scene. He is cartoony with a big head, and they looked strage together. I agree it looks wierd with just her, though I’ll post some animation with them together a little later and you’ll see what I mean.


cool animation. it works…

I like all that crazy piston stuff going on in the arms and legs…
and the “savage” characterization going on…

but to nit pick, i’ve got a few tiny tiny complaints.

First off, her crotch… dat be sum wierd stuff going on with how her crotch pushes down below her leg, but her right asscheek (camera perspective, her left asscheek… you get me :P) doesn’t follow … tho its not that big a deal… she’s a cyborg afterall

The two turns on the head seem kind of wierd to me… maybe you need some anticipation

she initially seems interested in the camera, and then out of nowhere she turns… (i actually think you could probably get away with the first turn, but if you are willing, maybe try having her eyes look in the direction she turns her head towards BEFORE she turns her head?.. its the second turn of the head/wholebody that seems a bit drastic because its just so sudden… it might also be that the curve of her turn has her looking up instead of directly to the second point of interest on that body/headturn )…

also the foot pops on that second turn…I think you have to be careful with the arms going through those legs… (also not that big a deal but they come a bit to close to each other for comfort)

and finally the doors seem a bit flat from here… (model?)

otherwise, the majority of your poses work… you got some awsome textures going on there and some bad ash character design…



Selvagem, thanks for the crits on the anim. On the anticipation for the turns away from the camera, the full animation with the audio file will explain here head turns away from camera etc. The doors are a little flat, the envirnoment was basically created very quickly to provide a scene for me to test her animation, just a coulple of extruded planes. I’ll fix the foot pop when I get the chance, the crutch is a little harder to fix, as she’s in a fairly extreme position there, I’d have to put in some angle driven morphs or something top handle that. Thankyou again for your comments


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