Character: Tech Human


I’m starting a new model to go on my reel. Another guy is making the character design, and when he finishes the character sheet, i’ll post that.

From what i remember, its a soldier with all kinds of metal and industrial parts coming out of him. This is what i have so far. Please let me know if you see anything wrong or what i should work on. Thanx


Heres an update


arms look a little long, but perhaps that just me


at the moment his arms are looking a tad too long, i think thats just coz of the rounded parts of his hands. in the first image the side of his stomach looked to be squared off, like the side of his body was too flat, i think you have amended that now. i think his pectorals could be rounded off a little on the underside. the top muscles of his abs look a little too skinny but yeah actually now i look at the second image you seemed to have fixed most of these problems yourself. maybe the crease down the middle of his body, like through his abs is a bit sharp.

i like the area of the shoulders and the top of the chest, i think that is pretty good. second image seems to be a good improvement on the first. keep it up. maybe share a little more about where you want to take this.


nice start :slight_smile: keep going at it man. i think the body is a little boxy at the moment.


heres an update. stretched out the chest more, since he’s got his arms extended, i think it looks more realistic this way. Ignore the feet for now and still tweaking the hands and legs as well.


the fingers are wrong proportionally it seems and espeically the outer edge of the hand (not the one with the thumb) stick out too much, it should be near flat


may just be the perspective but I also feel the arms are a bit too long…otherwise pretty cool :thumbsup:


I worked on the armor and accessories today so thought Id post an update. Tweaked the abs a little if you can tell and I’m going to work on the hands and other parts of the body tomorrow. The reference I used is in the background and was done by a guy named Saye Gbatu.


I don’t know if anyone cares about this model but I’m gonna keep updating it.

Fixed the hands and chest today.


wow, i like this progression, the muscles are looking really really good. knuckles on the fingers need some work, the main knuckles on the hand need to be moved up closer to the fingers a little more and the first joint on the fingers needs to be moved up as well, they look to close to hand. on the underside it looks as if there are three joints.

i think the nipples are a little weird too, are they human nipples. i’m not sure about the circular indent, i think it should be more of a protuberance. and maybe not actually inbed the nipples into the chest, like you have done.

but yeah definitely like how this is progressing, great work.


Roughed in the head, tweaked the muscles in the back and fixed the nipples =].

I won’t get any more work done on him for another week, since I’ll be at Siggraph.


i think you need to stop working on the details for a moment and go back and fix the proportions of your model. It looks like a lot of things are just too long, too short, too wide in several places. unless you fix these problems, its gonna kill your final result.


Pha3z, can you elaborate, which parts are you talking about?


the ass looks bad :slight_smile:


i don’t know much about characters. your best bet is to get someone who draws people well on paper to have a look at your model and tell you what looks wrong to them. but i’ll try to point out what i think seems wrong to me:

something about the back of the neck strikes me wrong. It looks like the collar bone/muscle comes up too high?? also the back of the head seems to be too small, but i’m not exactly sure on that either (could be the whole head actually or something else)

the butt/hips strike me as unproportional to the rest of the body. for some reason, it almost looks feminine around the waist on the backside.

i noticed some of the other people posting comments about your proportions being skewed as well. I think your 3d skills would benefit greatly if you could get someone who draws anime to give you some lessons! I did that and it helped me quite a bit. Anime people understand proportions better than anyone else because their drawings are so simple - if even one thing is wrong, it sticks out like a sore thumb!


Thats a pretty good idea Pha3z, I’ll look into that.
started on the textures today. Still a lot to do.


Like Pha3z had mentioned, some proportions are just a little off, but nothing too major. Specifically:

  • The arms seem a tad bit too long, and the shin (everythiing from the knee and below) seems a bit stretched out.
  • The fingers seem rather chubby, with the wrist are that connects to the palm looking a little pudgy, especially near the pinky region.
  • The nipples need to be made less evident, as they really jump out, probably grabbing some undesired attention.
  • The rear end itself seems too long, and the butt crack seems to be fusing together too much towards the upper region, maybe some tweaking on the mirroring fuctions?

Otherwise, the muscle definitions are looking pretty good, so keep up the terrific work!

P.S. A wireframe render maybe?


I cant wait to see this guy finished 'cause the conceptdesign looks hella cool !


I posted this over in the focused crits, but never posted it here. Its after I fixed some of the modeling on the lower body. Thanks Norman for the great feedback, Im goin to tweak some of the proportions, I think most of them are minor so It shouldnt be too hard.