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Alright, got to touch up the ladder today. I scrapped the old walk off-camera and re-did it. Also keyed the foot movement on the rungs and added some anticipation before the climb starts:

I’ll get to as much of the others as I can tomorrow. I’m probably going to move the shadow boxer to the end; mainly because I’m planning to start the file over. I need to start from reference, rather than just trying to create poses that look right.

Thanks again for checking these out.


Updated the drags, I removed the dead stop and adjusted the left foot on the forward drag as suggested.

Switchblade, I was planning to dissolve through these loops on my reel; do you think a reviewer would want to see that start and end sequence for both drags?

I’m also going to create a simple Maya rig to do some more character exercises (that’s where the ‘Game Animations’ part of the thread comes in). It’s been about a month since I’ve touched Maya so I want to make sure I stay up to snuff there.

Thanks all for your feedback!


No problem. Sorry, I dont have time to look/crit at the revisions but I wanted to offer a suggestion here real quick. I usually arrange start/loop/stop end-to-end in premiere like [start][loop][loop][loop][end]. I hope Im understanding the question correctly.


hey Kevin sorry I aint been on the site of late and checked yer updates.

these are looking quite tidy an neat now - great work.

drag_altD - I would say the blue foot is still sliding outward as it moves backward - this gives the impression that he would be dragging the dude diagonally across the floor yet he isn’t so it still looks sliding. Not sure how much of an effect this would have on the posing and animation to change it though?

dragH - looks nice to me. no crits :slight_smile:

any more done on your boxing anim?


Thanks Anthony. I’ll take another look at that drag_altD.

In the meantime, I’ve started a new one to keep me busy, this is a first stab at a ‘happy walk’:

<<link removed (old & outdated)>>

So, I’ve switched over to Maya, and I’m just going back to basics here with a simple walk cycle. It’s a good thing too, because I think this needs a bunch of work. It’s the simplest things where I find I need the most practice.

Anyway, please let me know what you think if you have a moment!


hey Kevin

glad the work is finding you mate and your still getting time to do stuff outside of it too. I’d like to find work out in the US at some point in the future - nicer weather for skydiving for one thing hehehe! Lots of wing chun teachers too from what I gather! I’d be sorted out there lol!

liking the first pass of your happy walk - he really does look cheery and pleased with himself. I’m no expert on walk cycles so I dont wanna crit too much as to me that looks really really nice. My only thought might be his right leg seems to go forward a bit too much BUT it may be down to the camera angle really.
nice work :smiley:


Hi, Kevin
Nice work on the happy walk!
Are you intended to make a realistic character or a cartoony one??
and I think I see some “twitching” on his right knee, maybe 'cause you make it too straight on the contact position. well, it might true, might not… :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, man!


Thanks guys. I’ll take a look at that right leg, I think you’re both right in that it extends too far.

lime324, I’m going for a cartoony walk. I was thinking I might enlarge the head, hands, and feet slightly to accentuate that concept though. I think it may not be coming across clearly because the figure is realistically proportioned. Once the proportions are exaggerated I’ll likely have to push the motion more to get the same effect. Maybe I’ll make that a separate file.

Anthony - haha well, I am in between gigs right now which is why I have so much time to practice!


Fixed the original “Happy Walk”, and also added an exaggerated, even more cartoony version.

Here's the fixed original:



And here's the cartoony, more bouncy version:



Let me know what you think!

Also had some time to add a first pass at one more; a slow sneak:

<<Updated link below>>


Yes, I think it’s a little bit awkward on the realistic character, but on the exagerated one, it looks great! :thumbsup: I think it’s good enough! well done!

On the sneak one, the first thing I saw is his hands, they both move at the same time and pose, or maybe just 'cause the camera angle… don’t know. still a little bit glitch on his left foot. timing is ok, but it would be great if you can make some ease-in or ease-out to his torso from the down pose to the contact pose, 'couse it such a broad movement… what do you think? :slight_smile:

well, great job pal! :applause:


agree with what lime said above - the realistic feels a bit constrained but the 2nd one is ace.

initial sneak motion looking good with the feet but I think the body and arms need more offsetting and smoothing out of timing.
keep goin Kevin - they’re all looking good :smiley:


Thanks guys! I think I’ll ditch the realistic ‘happy guy’ then. I’ll also fix the sneak and post an update a bit later.


Updated the sneak. I added side-to-side movement which led logically to offset movements for the arms; when leaning left the right arm extends slightly, and when leaning right he extends the left:


Thought I would add a weight carrying exercise I’ve also been tinkering with:

<<Link updated below>>

Let me know what you think if you have a moment!


hmmm… for the heavy lift, I don’t know, can you really lift your feet that high if you carrying a 20kilos of sack of sand??
Try to lift something really heavy and see what I mean…


Hey thanks Helmy. Or do you prefer Emil?

Good point about the weight carry; I’ve adjusted it as you advised:

I’ve also re-visited an old run cycle with one of my more “finished” models, John McClane:

<<Link updated on following page>>

<<Link updated on following page>>

Let me know what you think!


hi Kevin
the weight/bag carrying isn’t too bad I think personally - agree with the possibility of the legs lifting too high BUT it does help emphasize the weight strangely and you appear to be going with a slightly cartoony edge to that animation. If thats the case maybe a bit of lift n sag in the arms would help like he uses his arms to lift it slightly and take the weight from under it prior to lifting each foot. Nice little anim tho!

I cant really comment too much on the McClane run cycle as I’m really not very good at them but I think there does need to be alot more weight into his motions overall - it feels like a very sedate jog and not a panicked sprint like he tends to do in the movies in times of stress. Maybe sit n watch the first film (lots of clips on youtube most likely) and see how he pegs it about the environment. Maybe set up a simple env for him to duck and weave about and then copy a segment of the film? Just a thought :smiley:

great stuff tho Kevin good to see you carrying them on :slight_smile:


Thanks Anthony. Yes I will definitely spend more time with McClane, he’s not quite there yet. I’m thinking, instead of a basic run cycle, maybe having him holding the pistol down at his sides, with both hands, or popping off a few rounds. Or maybe replacing the pistol with the MP5 and having him firing like a maniac.

I’ve also been further refining the Happy Walk, which can be viewed here:

<<Link Updated on following page>>

I’m just trying to push the cartoonish-ness a bit more and tighten things up.


hey Kevin liking the happy walk - putting emotion into an animation is something I find really hard to do lol! All these are really looking nice :slight_smile:


Thanks man! Now I’m going back and refining the McClane run. I started from scratch, using the famous Highend 3D tutorial and Muybridge photos as reference. I’ve been staring at it so long though I’m not sure if I’ve got it yet or not:

<<link updated on following page>>

<<link updated on following page>>

Critiques welcome as always!