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hey Kevin

liking it, runs at a nice speed now. Only minor adjustment might be the legs, they seem to lift a touch high creating a bit too much arc prior to planting down again? Might be worth seeing how it looks with the dragger’s feet not lifting quite so high?

great work, enjoying this thread :slight_smile:


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Ahh looking a lot better, great progress! It’s really starting to come together now. I really like the secondary motion of the head roll on the injruied guy. It looks very natural.

You might want to delay the feet/legs taking a step for a few frames. Then use those frames to build in some anticipation by moving the Center of Mass/pelvis down right before the tug, like he’s getting ready to pull. It would add a bit more strength and struggle to the pull when he does do it.


Nice, thanks guys. I scored a little contract work so I probably won’t get to focus on this again until the weekend. Fortunately the weekend is coming a bit early this week.

Will combine your guys’ points and work them into the next version. Thanks again!


Here’s an update to the drag animation:

<—link removed because it’s outdated–>

I reduced the amount that the feet pick up, and delayed their movement a few frames to add the “tug” feel to the body movement. I think it looks much better now. Let me know what you think!


Small update to my last post; I felt that the draggee’s motion became a bit disconnected from the dragger’s. So I tightened it up again:

<—link removed because it’s outdated–>


Here’s a new one; this is the forward drag with a weapon that Mark suggested a few posts ago. When you have a minute, let me know what you think!

<—link removed because it’s outdated–>


hi Kevin
the dragE is looking good - my only prob is you cant quite tell how far he’s moved. Any chance you could put a checkered floor in that tiles in motion and it gives us a feel of his distance travelled per drag?
If I hide the dragged char with my finger the dragger looks nice but the green foot is popping a little after planting like it moves a third of the distance quite quickly then slows down. maybe try adjusting this?
also at the end of the loop, try dipping the head a bit more before before it returns to the start pose (frame by framing in qtime so the head starts almost facing at draggee’s head).

finally the draggee’s body seems to recover quickly from the dragging - as a result it feels quite rigid. maybe try stretching out the keyframes a bit more and a bit of sink in the body after the drag prior to returning to the start pose?

looking nice tho :slight_smile:

both bodies are feeling a bit rigid. The draggers body should bend a bit more thru all spine joints prior to the pull. Again a bit of head dip may help emphasize the pulling motion and give a feeling of weight or instead of the head looking up as he drags maybe it could be more looking down at the floor?

Try waiting a few frames longer for the feet prior to them moving?

the gun arm feels quite light - guns are fairly heavy weapons so maybe try adding a bit of motion from that arm that he uses to his advantage to drag the draggee?

the draggee’s body seems to feel quite rigid - the clavicle bone would be moving alot more in this.

try adding a touch of draggee knee bend after the drag?

nice secondary motion on the draggee’s arm tho :slight_smile:

hope these help mate. I found it a bit hard to describe them personally lol!


Here’s an update to the backwards drag:

<—link removed because it’s outdated–>

Thanks for staying with this! Will move on to the other drag now.


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hey kevin
really great update!! there’s now a nice feel of weight in his dragging. my only comment is the feet sliding a bit now BUT i’m not sure if thats because the feet are shifting or the keyframing on the floor isn’t mating up with the feet motion. Either way its fixable! you can now see that he gears up to drag and then uses his full body to pull which is much much more effective. Did you slow the whole thing down a touch also?

Anyhow great work mate, I’m in nottingham at the mo waiting for the weather to clear this wkend so I can do some skydiving lol! I’ll keep an eye out on the updates :slight_smile: oh btw, what you planning for the next animation?

wouldn’t mind doing some animation updates to my last game character which was a swat-like soldier (in the finished 3d stills section). I took a look at my last animations on me website of him and they’re a joke lol! could do sooooo much better now so think I’ll give it a go… once I finish my current wip of course haha!


Hey Anthony. I got your post in my email, but when I click page 3 here to read it, I only get page 2! I’m going to post something on the support forum after this.

I took another look at and yo’re right about the dragger’s feet sliding. This clip should fix it:

<–link outdated–>

I didn’t slow it down overall, but I did stretch out the recovery keyframes for both guys as you suggested which gave it a more ponderous feel, and worked much better.

Next, I’m planning to polish off that other drag, and then I started a guy doing some boxing moves, something like inkcognito studio. That reel inspired me to do what I’m doing here. Just super simple character animations, no models or textures, just motion. I like the focus that that reel has.

I like that SWAT cop model you’ve got, it appears that those particular animations are pretty old, am I right? Compared to your latest WIP they are not quite as strong. They seem a bit floaty, and some of the key poses could use definition. If you start a thread for that guy, I would definitely help out! It’s a great model, so it would be cool to seem him really spring to life.

Thanks again for keeping up with these. Good luck with the skydiving, though I don’t know why you’d want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!


Hey fellas, it’s Saturday night, and you know what that means. I’m simply still working. I got an update to the forward drag here:

<—link removed because it’s outdated–>

Let me know how everything looks when you get a chance!


Here’s my first stab at a sparring/punching animation loop. It’s definitely not quite there yet, but my eyeballs are turning square from staring at it.

Let me know what you think if you get a minute!


hey Kevin
the original drag is now looking really nice - great work :slight_smile:

the alt drag still needs some tweaks. My main one is the green foot as he advances forward… it seems to slide behind him giving a feeling that he would be moving diagonally across the ground as opposed to directly forward like he is. Other than that its looking quite nice :slight_smile:

okay punching animation…

the bounce on the toe is quite nice :slight_smile:

The first punch needs the pose adjusting… when I frame by frame it… it initially looks like he’s gonna fire from the blue arm as he dips to that side… a straight boxer jab is a very simple motion forward looking down the arm with very little step forward. Its a feeling motion that allows you to set up for the rear arm to fire hard. Try to lose the step as he does it too. have a look at some boxer footage on youtube… shedloads of it there :slight_smile:

the 3rd punch hook looks very odd I think because the elbow doesn’t follow through. A person doing a hook would drop the body a little, and turn the body into the hooking arm, then swing the body and lift the arm and the arm would be just a shade behind the body motion as its the torque of the twisting body that pulls the arm around like a whip. the arm still retains a 90 degree bend in the elbow. A hook is a close range punch usually like an uppercut. The feet again wouldn’t move much at all - the knees bent to lower COG and also aid power and stability. The rear foot might move onto the toes and rotate outward slightly as the hook progresses.

uppercut - same kinda thing really. body dips, bends, and pulls the arm upward with it. A close range punch designed to come under the guard.

try those things out but have a look at some boxer footage and see what I mean.
looking forward to seeing it update :slight_smile:



Hi Anthony. Thanks for the super detailed crit. I downloaded some boxing footage to study, and tweaked the forward drag a bit. Then I got called onto some contract stuff again, so I’ll be on this again as soon as I can be and post the updates.

Thanks again!


Hey guys. Updated the forward fixing the green foot trajectory:

<—link outdated–>

Let me know if anything else looks out of whack.


hey Kevin

looks really good now :thumbsup:


My first crit would be that you should remove all versions of these anims from this thread except for your latest. It’s kind of confusing at the moment to tell what’s the most current.

Warning: I am home today so I’m in no hurry. This might be really nitpicky.

The ladder (assuming Im looking at the latest):
-His right foot really locks to the ladder when first placed on it. It should settle more as well as react more when his weight is brought onto it/he pushes off with it. One of the best things about biped is being able to animate your IK pivots on the limbs. Use it!
-similarly, the left foot doesn’t push off the ground properly on the first step.
-Throughout the entire cycle you should be animating the feet’s movement more. On a ladder climb, you’re pushing with the ball of your foot so it should move accordingly.
-He doesn’t anticipate the ladder climb. His center/bip01 should drop a little before he pulls himself up the first step.
-The left leg is hyperextending during the climb
-The last couple of steps after he gets off the ladder are a little awkward. It looks like the first stride is too short and the second is maybe too long.
-In general, I would make sure you’re turning on trajectories frequently (another great thing about biped) and check the curves of your hands, feet and center of mass. Do this and the problems you’re having with easing in/out should become more apparent.

The punch:
It’s pretty rough at this point. I’d recommend getting some footage of professional fighters that you can scrub through frame by frame. Things that jump out at me are lack of anticipation and a disconnect between the body and the hands. My fighting instructor used to say “You always punch with your whole body; the hand is just where it ends”. Feet should be planted mid punch and the whole body follow the motion more. I would spend a bit more time blocking out full poses.

The drag:
This is the best of the three I think.
-The main problem here is that it doesn’t loop well. I think the pulling should be more steady, like a walk cycle, otherwise it really looks like an animation playing over and over again. I would do this kind of animation as three different animations (per character: Drag_start (Idle to grabbing the guy), pull_looping (what you have here), and drag_end (let the guy go, back into idle pose). If you prefer it to not be a consistent speed, it should at least never come to a dead stop.
-I would also have his gun arm sway less. The repetition only accentuates the fact that it’s a looping animation.
-The left foot slide at the end is also kind of weird.

As I said above, animated pivot points and trajectories are your best friends with a biped. They should be used religiously in any biped animations.

It’s a good start on everything, just needs to be polished up a bit. Good luck!


Whoa, thanks for the extensive crit! I am still totally swamped in contract stuff right now, but I will take a look at each and every point next session. I really appreciate it.