Character: Strider Hiryu (Capcom Design)


Ok guys, I didnt’ even know this forum existed till tonight! Here’s a character I’ve been workin on and I would appreciate it if you tore up whatever needs tearing. IT is a WIP of course.

There will eventually be a maya cloth hanging down from the knot behind his neck.

Any crashing is from maya’s camera clipping, gotta fix that (how do i do that?).
And yeah I know I got lazy by just mirroring the straps :confused:

Anyway, fire away!



hey chiyo…well it looks great…but… The arms anatomoy is a little off… im trying to find a decent reference for to link or put up for u. Its mostly that the upper arm is too long compared to the lower arm…also that the shouder muscle dosent wrap back into the back or front right. but minor things to fix. The folds of the cloth is very nice…very realistic in its motion… when I find u a decent reference I will put it up…but im sure u got some anatomy books around somewhere… Cheers



are ya moving the thread here, Pop?


chris, yeah i know the arm is flaky, i have trouble with limbs it seems. if you have any shots of topology reference that would be awesome. i have msn messenger, it’s or 20119315 is my icq.

drak, yeah i think i will be. i’m looking for some hard crits more than thumbs up (tho that is appreciated of course).

i think i will fix the arm after i finish some last details on his back and his weapon.


I think he looks great.

I know that you are copying the design from Capcom and you probably want to stay true to form but I don’t like the belt (from a design perspective). It is a distraction for the eyes. It looks as though he stole it from a Stormtrooper.


Ok so after getting some good reference from Spirit2029 I tweaked his arms and also I’ve finished his weapon just now. What’s left now is the hair, the scarf bit, and a sickle type object with holster on his back.

lowjack, i have been juggling with just taking out the belt altogether as i am not wild about it myself. but i thought i may as well just model it first then get rid of it later if i wanted to.

As you can see there is nothing relaly holding the sword up, but in the movie it will be in his hand anyway. If there needs to be one i’ll figure it out later. :smiley:


ok here are some better renders, it is easier to see the details now. i finished modelling his sickle, just have to tweak his arm one last bit and do the hair. then to the daunting task of texturing , which i blow at. :smiley:

thanks ahead for your critiques.


Great model man, and I like the clothing a lot, except for the belt. I think that its too blocky and really stands out from the rest of his outfit. Maybe make it with beveled top and bottom edges, not to mention a bit thinner overall, and I think it will look better. Maybe add some texture to it as well, just to liven it up and make it stick out less because of its uniform whiteness. It also seems to hang on him instead of pressing against his skin in the side view. It looks like there is space between him and the back of the belt. Look into that.


This is looking so badass. Doh! Am I allowed to say that? Oh, well to late.

The belt looks better in you new renders. I wonder if the contrasting white texture has anything to do with it standing out so obscurely. Also, maybe bring it down in thickness so it blends into the body a little better and won’t cast suck a hard edge in your final renders.

For the sword, just add some kind of riveted metal or leather loop to hang it from.

I really dig the details you added today. It is to bad that the sword is so linear. its siloutte would be better if there was a nice arc to the blade and handle. The leather wrapped handle is perfect. I wonder if there should be some excess flawling around where it is knotted off. Doesn’t matter. Artistic decision.

Keep posting. I’m checking this daily. Your work is helping me keep motivated.


I agree about the belt, but then again it’s very true to the original design, so it’s the original design I’d be criticizing in that aspect. The character would indeed look better with it changed, but that’d be straying from the original, so it’s up to you how accurate you want the rendition of this character to be.

If you were inclined to change it, you could possibly just remove it and turn the red cloth there into some kind of sash that hangs off his side much like the cloth at the back of his head will. That would look pretty cool with him in motion.

If that image doesn’t display, just hit refresh once you go to it. It’s just a drawing of a shaolin monk I found on google.


Alright, so everyone (including myself) agrees that the belt is too large or should be ridden of altogether. Cutting it out is a bit too much for me so instead i just shrunk it and I think it looks much better now.

Lowjack, I liked your idea about an arc’d blade so I applied it to my model. However about the handles, I still like the look of them linear as they are. I’m glad that I am motivating you to work as others on CGtalk are doing for me. :slight_smile:

fturtle, thanks for your suggestions. I did juggle around the idea of a sash but I decided that I wanted to stay true to the character design and that his belt was an integral part of it.

So…I made those changes, as well as modeling a quick little pouch for his climbing sickle. I would like to get started on the hair tonight but it looks like I am spending time with the lady so it will have to wait till tomorrow. Guys, keep your suggestions coming, they are a real help.

Oh yeah and if anyone was wondering, I’m using Maya 5 for all of this.



The belt definitely looks a lot better now. I think after all it’s best to keep it, since he’s just not Strider without it, heheh. It looks very good now though, like he can still be agile while wearing it.

I was wondering how you plan on doing the hair. Perhaps a jumble-of-flat-polys-with-opacity-maps method would be good, given the anime look it usually has such as in this picture? Hair definitely has the ability to make or break the look of a great model; I’m sure you’ll make it awesome.

I don’t really have much hair experience, but I’ve seen some nice products with that technique.

Lovin’ it so far!


Ok update… this would be the first time I’ve ever tried creating any hair. My morning attempt didn’t fair so well but what I have now seems to be shaping up better. I think if I just keep up proper layering it will be good. If any of you guys are hair experts, let me know what I am doing wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:



Here’s a tutorial for that method. I guess the same principles would apply to Maya.

It’s Michael B. Comet’s tutorial for anime-style hair, which outlines the method he used to create the hair for his anime character. He used to have better pictures of it and an animation on his site showing the hair in motion (using MAX’s flex modifier on the hair polys), but they don’t seem to be there anymore. The result of that method comes out nicely if done correctly; his tutorial is obviously just a quick explanation of the method. I thought the final result on his character was pretty nice, too bad there aren’t any better pictures of it showing how it looks.

Here’s a similar LightWave tutorial, but I think the hair texture they used looks kinda weird.


lets have a looka that map i would love to see how you laid that out are you using the opacity maps or what ??


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