Character - Storm Giant No.4


Yet another Storm Giant. I couldn’t resist modelling this Storm Giant, more like a self test

Currently standing at 1440 tris. About 1K spent on body and Hands and the rest to the head and hair (I’ve added hair stripes too :)). Some polys left for a little feet improvement, please comment

Going on to the texture!!!


sorry, but, hehe, the image is down


nice model m8, very good head. But you´ve put defintion in places where you don´t really see it. With a lowpoly model like that I would rather distribute my faces to create a strong silouette.

Still a solid model m8


Thanks for the critique Prs-Phil :slight_smile: . Actually, I was thinking of a very defined and accurate head texture on him, so I added more polys to support it. Hopefully, the next days I’ll be up with an update and some textures…looking forward for updates on brother “Giant” projects too!!!:slight_smile:


I like the model so far. :sunglasses: I too was thinking of adding hair stripes … and still may … but I’m glad someone beat me to it. :sunglasses: Looking good overall.


give him an armpit.


I believe I can fix that by a liiiiitle tweaking on a couple of vertices…:slight_smile:



I think the width of the hands should be thickened… the forearms seem to taper too abruptly to the wrist


Hello everyone!! Back with some texture work!
I believe that I’m almost done with the face, later on I’ll add some color areas in the whole skin parts to bring him alive…but the main lines are already drawn.

And another view:

The textures of the body and arms are not final, also I’m thinking on remodelling the arms based on your comments (Ravis, YerEvilTwin).

I’ll get back to the model right after vacation, on 23rd of August I will have again a computer infront of my face!! :slight_smile: Every C&C is always useful and most welcomed!!

So take care everyone, have a nice summer, enjoy the Olympics etc. etc. :slight_smile:


i love the texture style

looks good

one question…
what is the best way to cover up seams in a texture?
[like on his arms]



i like the look of his head
but i think that his hands are small


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