Character / Still: Annoying Wallpaper [!somewhat large images!]


Hi again cgtalkers

Sorry if you think I am dry-milking this cow, but I have gotten requests by mail on making wallpaper images of The Annoying Thing. I think someone over here asked for it as well. I have now made two and thaught I might post them here as well and I still think they might have some gallery-value too :slight_smile:
Feel free to download them if you wish.

For those not knowing what this is; these are images of a character with whom I posted an animation a couple of weeks ago in this thread.
You can also check it out at

Here are the images:

Image 1 - 1024x768:

Image 1 in size 1280x1024 available here

Image 2 - 1024x768:

Image 2 in size 1280x1024 available here

PS. Thank you moddies for bringing bouncie back :bounce:


Went right to my desktop… great job.



Nice work! Cool Character…:thumbsup:


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