Character: Steve Perry as Robocop (inspired by the rock band Journey)


My admiration for one of the greatest American rock bands of all time, Journey, led me to this concept. When Steve Perry opens his mouth to sing, ice floes melt in the Arctic, flowers blossum in the Gobi desert, young girls heave deep sighs, and the world is at peace. He is the defender of freedom and justice in this country, and therefore should probably be painted as Robocop.



The background is the city of Detroit. I do not live in Detroit nor have I ever been there, but in “Don’t Stop Believin”, the city boy took the midnight train going anywhere. This is poetry I can only dream of reproducing upon the digital canvas.

I know you’re thinking, “This is the greatest idea ever”. Well don’t thank me, thank Journey.

By the way, this is my first serious attempt at painting with a Wacom. The Ron Jeremy painting was just practice. So right now, I’m laying down the base colors as we speak. Please feel free to reply the hell out of this thread.



I have two suggestions:

  1. Somehow, find a way to add American Idol’s Randy Jackson to the picture. He was Journey’s basist and, some would say, its soul.

  2. The real Robo Cop was missing part of his head. Nevermind, as doing that to Steve Perry would muss his hair and that is a definite no no.

Nice work! :scream: (Smiley’s doing the scream from “Separate Ways”)


The addition of Randy “Thunderhips” Jackson to the Journey lineup during the 1986-87 “Raised on Radio” tour is paltry, in my opinion. To call him a good bassist would be accurate (he was a great bassist) but to call him its soul is arguable. Unless by “soul” you mean “dude they kept for one album then tossed”. But I like your style ILikeSoup; I would have probably put guitarist Neal Schon in the painting but I don’t want it to be too “busy”. Maybe if I were painting a “Steve Perry and Neal Schon as Batman and Robin” painting, that idea would work out better.


That’s more in line with what I was thinking. Randy’s bass lines never really stood out, but then 80’s pop rock was all about the hair and the keyboards anyway. Despite my sarcasm, I’ll always have a soft spot for Journey’s music, especially anything from Escape. Jr. High School dance, butterflies and sweaty palms. “Should I ask her to dance? Not yet. . . Crap! He beat me to it.” Good times. :rolleyes:

Don’t stop believing!!


My roommate is related to Steve Parry. It will now be forwarded to him.

No I’m not kidding >=]



If what you say is true, I will be eternally grateful.

EDIT: Please forward my contact information if possible. AIM: peachstapler


In a little less than 4 hours, I laid down the base colors, shadows, and highlights, and plan to smudge them together and get some real lighting and reflection going on in the scene. The chrome Robocop suit will be tricky but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been listening to the timeless rock album Escape all night on repeat, which really helps the creative process.

If Steve Perry is defending America, it will not be with a gun, but the microphone.



I didn’t think it was possible, but you’ve just made an image that is even more awesome than when you drew me and you on stage singing Journey for your 1000th post thread.

I’m saving this picture.

-Tom N.


Can do.



wow I thought people actually liking journey was a myth.


Welcome to real music, pal.


Guess I better throw back all those Rakim albums


Face the facts: The 90s was just a transition period between the 80s and now.


Don’t ruin the Journey party. And don’t stop believin.

-Tom N.

And back to the artwork, how soon until we get to see RoboSteve finished?


What are you doing up at 3am Tom? It’s not between quarters anymore.

I’ve got some sleeping to catch up on after work today, but y’all can expect updates by the weekend.


It’s 4:51am and I’m just goin to bed now… I do my best work during these hours :shrug: I like it though.

-Tom N.


Voted a 5. Also, pleading for an update.


I got around to painting the sky and part of the right side of the head. I’m thinking about hitting up the face and hair, then the majestic Detriot skyline.

I’m also considering making Steve more intense-looking; perhaps huge eyes that could pierce steel armor accompanied by a take-no-bullshit grin.


coolness… always loved robocop since young… would be sweet if the metal turns out nice.
so far, it’s looking good… keep it up!

-check out my wip-
pls critique


Awesome. I’m not sure about changing the face like you mentioned. I think his face says it all right now. It seems as though he’s 100% confident in himself and (to me) is already conveying the take-no-bullshit feeling. But then again, making it more obvious with a grin wouldn’t hurt.

Keep it up, looking forward to updates. Also voting a 5.

-Tom N.