Character: Spawn


Been working on this for a little while now so I thought I’d show ya what I’ve been up to. Finished the body yesterday and just started on accessories.

It’s based mostly on the McFarlane toys, mostly on the Wings of Redemption Spawn from series 21, although I’ll be creating it with the costume and cape of the traditional Spawn, more like the toy from series 20.

Start of the accessories, and wire:


it’s in poly? we want absolutely the wire of this wonderful model


maybe the feet are too big


Spawn is one of my favourite looking characters, although i dont really care about the comics he just looks so menacingly evil its great.

As for the model excelent start your doin him great justice keep us posted :slight_smile:


great stuff man, keep it up!!!


wow wonderfull i think it looks pretty acurate to me alyough the calf might be a little to big but it kinda looks right in a way

anyway looks awsome


hello kretin…
first off all… me really surprised to see something tottaly different from the other stuff you do … :slight_smile:

no…no … that not a bad thing… that just different :slight_smile:

the body muscle… look really cool… and awesome…
the only thing that bother me a little bit is…

i am not a big fan from spawn… lol

and the density of the meshes… seem to be for my tast a bit high… but i understand that you need so much poly to have this cool level of details…
and the proportion are symply gorgeous…

i expect to see a nice rendering and some pose test …please :slight_smile:


maybe just me but are the back muscles waaay too big?

could we get a front, back and side view?


That looks amazing. Figured I’d say one thing though…Where the pectorals connect to the shoulders…you have some extra stuff goin on there. The pecs should run directly into the shoulders.


OMG this is great. but the muscle look a little big and overdone.
btw i though you only made cartoon characters, well i guess you don’t now. great work


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Some of the muscle and proportion issues are because I’m largely using the McFarlane action figure as reference, although I’m also using body builders and the comic, it’s kind of a mix. I will still be tweaking much of the musculature though, so your crits are all useful.

Done with the accessories for now, I’ll start on rigging him now. Once he’s rigged then I’ll finish the modelling and do the texturing.


KEEP it up : ) Damn its sweet


Looks pretty ace so far. Only suggestion and you are proabably doing this already is a weapon. like A nice big broad sword or a long chain with a spike ball on it. But like I said before…looks real nice


seeing models being done like this makes me wanta ask if you could make a tutorial that shows how the hell you placed the cv points in the right place to get the muscle structure? i can never figure it out. and also if you have like a poly if it is poly wire frame that shows how you went about forming the muscles

anyway once again awsome work


Nice model, hands look good too.

The face looks a little ‘long’… just maybe.


Beautiful… but… he needs his Spawn-Cape™ !!


This is just totally amazing, great work! :slight_smile:

What software you using? (Not that it really matters)

I have nothing more to say, but I can’t wait till it’s finished.



Man kretin it is coming alone better and better. I really like the accessories that you added.

@genesis_yoshua: he uses lightwave. You should look at some other works of his (frogs and fish)


my god !! people like you get me depressed and make me give up 3d !! Haahaa just kidding mate wonderfull work, very good looking model, keep it up. Very nice !

Cheers !!!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Bullethead, He may get a weapon, but that’ll be once the other stuff is done…

Keithv, Here’s a pic showing daily updates… I created a low-res shell that I used as a modelling guide, and just sculpted row by row.

Neil, the reference also has that long face, so I kept it.

Maxx10, yeah, once I’ve finished his body I’ll get onto the cape…

Thanks Xasteycracker :slight_smile:

No new updates, spent yesterday experimenting with rigging, will hopefully get most of the final rigging done today…