Character : SPAWN !!...


Spawn Character…

Modeled and rendered in Maya 4.5

To download a 2Megs turntabe avi for the character, follow this link :

comments and critique are most welcomed…


Wow thats a really nice model.

the only thing that really sticks out to me is the chains. spawn seems to have chains with much bigger links the ones he usually has are more chunky , not so fine and delicate as the ones you have there. feel free to correct me if i am wrong

apart from that. he looks very grounded and balanced especially in the first pose

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OOooh yeah!!!


I like it, I like it. Spawn kicks ass. But to be picky

The chains need beaffing up, his knees look thin, and that boot thingy is just odd. Are those granades or avocados on his belt?

But very good all the same keep at it. It’ll be hard to get the cape and the glowiness of the eyes/his magic.


Thanks stevej2k…
I think u r right… Spawn style should be better with a thicker chains… I’m gonna keep the old chains the way thy r, and add new chains comming out of his body… probably ending with hooks and knifes…
hmmm… did’nt occur to me but sounds cool… thanks for the inspiration… :smiley:

Corn Dog…
The things on the belt actualy are avocados… a backup plane for a long winter with nothing to eat :annoyed: …


It´s supercool.

But he looks like he´s been in hawaii. He´s too bright. Make his textures darker and ad a littel glow effect around his eyes. Bigger everything. He´s supposed to be from HELL. Not San Fransisco.

Great work seedra.

Kepp on working :wip: .


bigbad… I guess this Spawn is a high class Spawn :wink:
No realy… to increase the size of the muscles at this stage is almost imposible beacuse of all the artillery stuff rapped arround the body, but I’m gonna add more chains and weapons to make him look more MASSIVE…
keep checking for new updates… :beer:


First of all… really SUPER model. I love it. :xtreme:

Second. Do I have to remind all of you that Spawn is just a part of a huge army of Spawns, so a difference in musculature and look will have to be taken into account.
The boot-thing he has is really well done, but should have a bit of another shoe/boot, sticking out from the bottom, just the toes or something.
The chains NEED a beefing up. He’s from hell, he’s not supposed to look nice, and those chains may be chic, but not brutal. Big fat chains with the skulls on the end, that’s the Malebolgie-way.
The textures need a darker tint, and the glow from the eyes are essential :slight_smile:

But all of this are details. The all and all model are really well done, the muscles are perfect, and so are the spikes.



I think he’s a little skinny to be Spawn, he needs to be more muscular but I understand that at this late stage it would be hard to buff him up so I guess it will have to stay like that.
The textures need a lot of work as the others have said. Bloody him up a little and put gashes and wounds all over the place, this guy is from hell. Just dirty everything up a little.
Right now he looks like some guy in a spawn costume for halloween.
Just like everyone said, the chains need to be thicker and more heavy looking. And put some blood stains on them.


Wow that looks really nice! :applause: I wouldn’t say that everything needs to be bigger to be “Spawn” though. Chains… yes. Bigger muscles? Ehh really I think the only thing muscle wise that could use some beefing up on is the bicep area of the arms and the knee and calf area of the legs. I know with the ammo straps and everything attached it would be difficult to increase muscle size, though I think the biceps would be fairly easy as the only thing attached is the bracelets. With the knees and calves, maybe it’s just the render or the angle but, they look a little slim and fragile for Spawn. Though again would think it wouldn’t be too hard to tweak those as the only other parts affected would be the upper ends of the boots and the 1 bracelet. Aside from the above it all looks great! Would love to see some other poses of him! :thumbsup:


Coool work ,I love this Character… :applause:


cool :thumbsup: nise :thumbsup: fantastic:thumbsup:
great modeling:bounce: :bounce:

ÊÓÊÍÞ ÇÎí ÝÚáÇ ÇÑÈÚ äÌæã Úä ÌÏÇÑå æÇäÇ ÈäÒá ÏáæÞÊí ãáÝ ÇáÝíÏíæ
(æÎáíåã íÚÑÝæÇ Çä Ýí ÚÑÈ Òíåã æÇÍÓä ãäåã ßãÇä):applause:
æÊÞÈá ÔßÑí


This is my first comment…ever…so ya I may not have much say, but at any rate his neck seems a little fat considering the rest of him is quite lean (for spawn anyways). Other than that awesome job on the modelling, and the colors could go for a lil upity in the contrast me thinks.

Way to go!



To each his own man I think its down right bad ass:buttrock:


Graet work .
I like it :applause:


hello manar I am TAREK of maxforums;) your works is super :thumbsup:


marhaba manar

good work bro

nice to see more arabs joining 3d world

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ÊåÇäí Úáì åÐÇ ÇáÊÕãíã ÇáÑÇÆÚ


Úãáß ÑÇÆÚ íÇ ãäÇÑ
ÇáãÝÑæÖ íÇÎÐ 5 äÌæã
Great job
5 stars :applause: :applause:


:wink: wooww

:thumbsup: i wish to see

final result .:slight_smile:


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Great Job !!!