CHARACTER - Space Marauder


Space Marauder … I tell you … who comes up with these names? I just wanted to call him “weird pirate dude” …

Heheheh … here’s another doodle I did at work … it’s based on a rough sketch about an inch high in my sketchbook that I did when Treasure Planet first came out … I decided to blow it up and trick it out …

I’m goin over to … I’ve never posted there … I think I’ll throw this one up as an intro …

Seeya guys in a bit …



Hey guys … how do you get the full jpeg to display again without having to click on it?

I haven’t posted here in a loong time until about a week ago … is there a new procedure?




Dump it on a server, add the img tags, and point to the url between the tags.


oh man…thats too cool!..great work al_choi…I wanted color your barbarin but really couldnt since it was so low rez… do you think you’ll get a high rez of this guy?..if so could I color it?:rolleyes:

anyway really fantasic work…:thumbsup: :applause: your clean line looks flawless…


Damn … yeah, my network at home is being torn down and rebuilt, so I can’t fire off any hi-rezzes to anyone yet … but I’d love to see some of these in colour …

I’ll post when my MSN is up and running …

Thanks freddy …



Cool Marauder! or Pirate … whatever he is. :smiley:
I’d like to see him colored also!

I could host a high rez temporarily for you. E-mail me the file and I’ll have it online when I get home from work (about 4 hours from now).


:eek: Awesome! How do you get such clean lines?


That’s awesome … I’ll send you an e-mail with my MSN later tonight when I get home from work …



Hookflash - Thanks man … I’ve practiced the single stroke hit when I draw my lines … verrrrrry risky technique … you only have one shot at the line … but I do all my feathering at the rough clean stage so that when it comes time to lay down that line … I’m super confident when I draw it …

I guess … strong, confident lines is the ticket …

(There are differing schools of thought on whether feathering lines is better in the long run as opposed to single stroke hits … but I found the method I’m happy with … ;))


nice work. i like the amount of detail you put in you sketch.:thumbsup:


Cool, I remember seeing other charecters like this above your desk (or is it the same one?), is this design for the same game? Had you thought about maby rotating the sword out to the left and have his hand on the hilt with the sword slightly drawn, it might make it a bit more threatening while maintaining a good silhouette? Love to see this colored, the sea water would do a number on his metal bits.

  • Don


Very nice work. Definitely would like to see higher rez versions of this. I am a big time fan of yours - not only your drawings but your film cameos too!


ps. revisions on 6,7,8 and 9. another grande? :slight_smile:


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