Character: Some Guy



Here’s some guy I made… I made an animation of him on my site’s home page.

I chose to use Flash for the video playback… what I wasn’t expecting was Flash video doesn’t play back at 30 fps on the browser… So I had to chop up each spoken word and hand-synch them to the video. The result is the audio is a wee bit disjointed, but it still works.

You can see the animation on my home page… You can’t miss it (unless you don’t have the Flash player).

I’m not looking to be critiqued really… I know of several things I would like to have been better (and I’m aware the SSS is too much on the ears… It’s lessened in the anim). And they will be on my next project. This is my first total-body rigged character and I hope I never have to do this in LW again!!! Next time; Messiah.

Be happy!



but the ear… :rolleyes:


wow this is very good work. However there’s indeed too much translucency near the ear.

:thumbsup: overall


Looks excellent. Alittle bit Jim Carey in him?



Very charming…!

“…err… Where’s my clothes?”

I’m still chuckling.


Thanks everybody!

I’ve just updated the animation… I boosted the quality, added a preloader status bar and a replay button… :slight_smile:

Oh and a clean image for the last frame to rest on.


You can change the playback of flash to 30fps. Thats what i change all my sites to. 12fps is too slow. Just open flash, and you see right below the timeline there is a “12”. Double click that, and a window will open up where you can change the resolution and the FPS.


I think you should change the audio to “where are my clothes”, ‘Where IS’ just doesn’t flow right In my opinion. Also, maybe make him look down more and be a little more shocked? Just an idea. Great job.



The flash scene is already at 30fps… It plays at a clean 30 fps everywhere but inside the browser.

I wasn’t going for over-the-top expressions. After seeing it a hundred times I think his look-down time should be even SHORTER… I want this gesture to be as subtle as possible. And no surprise… It’s funnier that he’s not surprised, it makes the punchline that much better because it’s less expected.

I’ll be teaching a seminar on comedy acting this weekend at the Marriot Hotel Nov. 15-18th. The fee is $35 per person, semi-formal dress, and everyone is encouraged to bring one prop.




I agree on the element of subtle surprise, it’s funnier that he didn’t express shock like a normal person would. The ears are okay with me, keep in mind its back lighting. I had an ex-girlfriend who I manage to get a light behind the ear shot, and everytime and it lite up like that (hence the ex-girlfriend, she hated every photo I had on her) People thought I date only aliens!
Carm understand this floppy ears in the sun syndrome.
I agree that the timing between looking down and “where’s my clothes” should be shorter a bit.


Nice :slight_smile:


Excellent, subtle expression, funny. Everyone see the animation.


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