Character: Soldier


I have found one of my pictures , that was made 1 years ago.
Unfortunately the headgeometry was prepaired not by me - because of lack of time - but by ‘Jester’
I would be interested in your opinion. :slight_smile:


not bad…
i like the hair on the hands… make it more realistick:thumbsup:


Wow that is really good. Can we see some wires?


He seems to be asking- Oh really? (with english accent perhaps):shrug:
His posture is very tense but his face looks relaxed, looks a bit unnatural to me.
The thing I like most are the boots, they are very nice!



awesome texturing ! only thing i miss is some scars or scratches in the face or at least some camouflage paint on the cheaks…

very good job !


Seriously rocks!:applause:


Thanks for the criticism. :slight_smile:
I will attach the wireframed picture , but unfortunately I have alredy only the optimalised geometry of it.

" very tense but his face looks relaxed "
He is not be too relaxed , only he has just come back from leave. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for the further comment.



Here is a fresh one. :slight_smile:


Looks really good, but I think it would look better if you put some more camouflage on the clothing like you did on the Helmet. :thumbsup:



Oh yes, those boots looks good. Could I see a closeup of those. And please include a low poly wire on them…


Hi Melak!

Very nice work. :thumbsup: Cool model.

Magyarul jobban megy: Nagyon király lett a modell, láttam már régebben is de akkor meg nem tudtam hogy te csinaltad. Gratula:thumbsup:


The first thing that entered my mind when i saw image 1, was:
“wow, this guy has been killed and has gone to heaven, because of the white light and all…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, the face is good, although he seems…unreal, you know?..he has no personality, kinda hard to explain (sorry).
The boots are extremely good, and the texturing in general is wow, but the helmet’s wrong. Maybe try out a green helmet, like the jacket, or make the outfit camo…
A bit of dirt would have helped on the realism…


I don’t know why people are saying the helmet cover and uniform need to match - if this is a soldier from the Vietnam war then it is perfectly possible that he would have a camo pattern helmet and green BDUs, although you do see the combination more on Marines than on the cavalry (his arm patch is cavalry).
It was not that common for non SF American soldiers in Vietnam to wear all camo BDUs. The rifle looks a bit hybrid like to me, it seems to mix features from the vanilla M16, the A1 and A2 and that doesn’t help with the sense of time.

I think it is a sound model, the only thing for me is the lack of dirt, he looks like he has just walked out of stores after getting a new set of kit. If he is guarding some rear echelon I don’t know as he would have a smoke grenade. It just seems to lack a grasp of the period for me. His face says vet his uniform says cherry. Nice modelling and texturing; it does have a real feel, just not a sense of place I think.


cool :slight_smile:
I like his hands.
congrats melak :slight_smile:


really nice work.
i like it much.



The elbow/forearms/hands and boots are fantastic the only thing im having trouble with is his eyes and that his left foot (our right) seems to be in an unnatural position judging by the angle the shin travels, it makes it seem like his knee is bending backwards. Nice work though.


Thanks for the criticism. :cry:
Actually, I prepared it to be a soldier serving in Vietnam.
Here is one more fresh .


hey this is really cool… i like the hair on the arms and the lether… give him a nice environment please! (smoke clouds passing by or something like that… you know what i mean)





Very good work!

Egy picit talán merev, de jó! Ez a teerepszínû ruha jobb rajta!