character: six


here’s the finished model
i kind of rushed at the end of this cuz i started a new character and was thinking to much about the new one

and yes i know there’s a part of the bottom stuff going in to the belt been meaning to fix that…LOL :slight_smile:

but i think it turned out pretty nice :slight_smile:



Awesome character, and I bet its an awesome rig.

I do think you should work on your renders, and scenes a bit though… its such a shame with such an awesome character not to give him an environment.


I think what you’ve done in the way of modeling is very nice. I feel as though you porportions are way off though. This may be the look you were trying to achieve so disregard this if that is the case.

  1. Head is to small for the rest of the body.
  2. Waist is way to high. Hip bones represent the mid point of the body.
  3. Hands are to large.
  4. Legs and feet are to large.
  5. Torso height is to short based off the rest of the body.

Also, you’ve done a decent job of it but breaking up the symetry in the cloth folds can be improved. Especially in the lower waist area. Offsetting these details will add in making him more dynamic. Adding detailed textures and improving the lighting will bring him to life.


thanks for comments

i’m doing better renders later today with nice lighting for a better pic

yeah in all of my characters i’m never going for real porportions
it’s just what ever comes as i’m modeling :slight_smile:


nice work!:thumbsup:

i think the cloth is not that realistic.


thanks for the comment

yeah i’m never going for realistic in any character i do
just what ever i think looks good to me
cartoonish style mostly


nice work…hey by the way dont u think clothes too plastic


cool man. Post your newest pic when you get a chance.


Nice :slight_smile:


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