Character: Silicone


This is my caracter for my second demo at NAD Center. I will soon add some of my environment picture’s.

But you can already give me your impressions if you like my work.

Thank You!

Effect :beer:


It’s nice. THough here’s my Crits: The top pic looks great and the glowing orb appears to be the source of light pretty much but in the second pic you tell there is a light behind her…kind of bothers me a tad but it’s nothing major…all in all great work. What program did you use?


Très bon, je vois pas beaucoup de critique pour le personnage, les prportion sont ben correct ( pour un personnage jeu/fantasque) bravo !


Thank You for your message.

I used Softimage XSI 3.5 and Photoshop 7 for my work. The lighting is just a test without Final Gathering.


She’s ****in HOT ! I like her, Can you make an animation of a porn with her in it ? J/K, (no really…)

I think you should make a couple pics Topless.
She shouldn’t be afraid with a body like that.

BUT one little problem,
Her face looks a little pale.

Good Job.

Questions :
How long did this take ?
What program was this sexy creature done with ?
Is she rigged, (Bones) ?


:shame: um watch your language here man. Kids view these forums too. He said he uses XSI and she looks like she has bones…or he did a REAL good modeling job. I still wana see wires :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Davidko
She’s Fucckin HOT ! I like her, Can you make an animation of a porn with her in it ? J/K, (no really…)


Nice looking render. I like the fact that you went through a lot of effort to make the accessories that go with the model - you have to wonder about all these medievel chicks wearing next to nothing; aren’t they afraid of being slashed by a sharp object?

I’m not sure about the expression on her face though. Makes her looks smug and very oddly cartoony. The hair is also giving me the same feeling that its badly placed.


Very nice piece of work its a great modelling job, my only real criticism I think would be the hair at the moment it looks like a solid object rather than a bound head of hair. The only other possible problem is in the skin material, the colour of the skin looks great , its just perhaps the smoothness or something but it has a slightly plastic feel, its hard to put my finger on it.

Right with all that said the character has great design in her clothing a very modern fantasy design and she has a very accurate technical form too. Overall an excellent job.

Is she fully rigged for animation?


bump ffs

excellent! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Nice body, I like her clothes. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: execellent model
i like the dress and the details
she’d look better without a smile
spec on hair is incorrect, making them plastic
neck is a bit narrow
skin can be improved
ummm …thats all :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:



I everybody, Thank you for your reply!

I send my wire in this post. For your question, my character have her face white because is a mix at gothic and medieval.

She’s made in XSI dans she have a bones set. One week for modeling and texturing. She was created for my demo. Next post, I will send my environment.

My character hair is a bit faque, but I dont have time now for the hair because I begin my next demo Monday. If you have a trick for hair, shoot …

See ya Effect!




Awesome model once again. Ya I dident notice the hair unti I alreadyt posted and I was too lazy to edit it lol. Any chance of seing the demo? That would be cool.


Sweet girl :slight_smile:

I like her!!! Good work!!


i like it but the lighting needs some work
the lighting you have now mkes her look poser-ish but great modeling and textures look ok also.


i love her expression …the modeling and texturing are just amazing


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