Character Shaders - Gameloft Project, Juan Carlos Jiménez Vadillo (3D)


Title: Character Shaders - Gameloft Project
Name: Juan Carlos Jiménez Vadillo
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, VRay

This is the last work I did for the Montreal Gameloft Cinematics team. It’s the shading and lighting I create for the main character of our last trailer.

Since the project was finally cancelled, now I’m looking for a job, if anybody is interested in hiring me, drop me an email!


The skin shader is excellent but the eyes need some work, not really sure how though. Maybe add some SSS to the eyeballs and some more bump to the iris.


I agree with ColeHarris. Great work but the eyes seam a little bit flat, like if there is no cornea, especially on the white area. But skin textures/shader is really good.


Love the render, agree about the eyes


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