Character Sets: Setting them up to work right


OK, i might be missing something here but they seem not to be working.

I thought the point of character sets was to make certain attributes keyable only within a particular character- potentially very helpful…

To set up a character set, you select the object(s) you want in that set and create the character set. That way you can only animate that object’s keys while in that character right?

what i’m wondering is- why am i seeing two entries for that objects animatable keys? One for the object and one for the same set of keys in the character set?

the screen grab attached show what i’m talking about-
the sphere’s x translation looks keyable on the object itself AS WELL AS in the character set ‘sphere’. is that how its supposed to be?

I’d really appreciate some help here- whether it’s meant to be like that or not

That’s not what i was expecting- i would expect TX only to be keyable in the sphere character set


aww please guys- surely 1 of u knows whats up with this… ive been playing around with characters sets a bit more and i still get the attributes appearing twice and as a result making the sets not work

any ideas on where i’m going wrong?



You should be able to key attributes in the character set and on the object it self. This is normal behaviour. The attributes are somehow “two way connected”. Character sets is just a way to view and manipulate specific attributes, eg. from different nodes, in one place.

So… If an attribute is added to a character set: it’s not moved from the original object and it’s not duplicated - but it can merely be viewed, manipulated and keyed in two places, namely on the object itself and in the character set! So the attribute tx on sphere is identical to sphere.tx in your character set.

I use character sets and sub-character sets to be able to key the whole body or a part of a character in one go. Nice feature.

Unrelated to character sets, if you want to limit what object attributes can be keyed, you should lock those channels. (on the object) You could also make them unkeyable. Both can be handled with the “Channel Control”.

Remember that when defining character sets you have the option of only including the selected attributs. You can also use the relationship editor to add/remove attributes after a character set has been created.

Hope this answers your question. I could not find any screen grab in your post.



cheers mate

just thru using the features ive pretty much worked that out but i appreciate the help…


It would be cool, if alias enabled us to use constraints together with CSs and NLA (like XSI does). Think of the following: you have a nice rig, everything is in your CarSet, and wish to temporarily pointconstrain the wrist to a wall (for a character leaning against a wall, character moves, but wrist remains in space) You cant do this, because the CS locks the constrained attribute. the only way is to build the constrain into your rig from the beginning



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