character/scenary: another cold summer


I did start the modelling in maya and used reference photos. That was followed up with a heavy amount of brushstrokes in photoshop. The first one is what I consider to be almost finished but prove me wrong :wink: I want it to work as a stil picture so no animation or annything. I want your opionen about the different styles in it. I mean some surfaces being more smoothed than the other etc. Is it good or bad ?

the second one is a work in progress. before tighten the whole thing upp.


Too me this is a very interesting mix, between 3D and digital painting, one that I am interested in myself. What I sometimes miss in 3D images are the unfinished areas that you often have in a traditional/digital paintings. On the whole I prefer the top image, but the grass could get smoother further back in the image and mabe some smoothing to the sky. The sky and mountains are better in the second image, lighter in colour.

It will be interesting to hear what the others have to say.

Would like to see the progress!


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