hi all~ This is my speed-painting in painter7.Hope you like it,thx~:)

and more…Lost in deep


cool… i like :slight_smile:


I like too.:slight_smile: Nice work


that’s great! nice color:thumbsup:


nice one. i’ve always liked sketchy stuff :smiley:


i think it is realy good i love the eyes


:eek: wow!
Although I would say he looks a little “Ninja-ish” than Samurai, but it’s freaking COOL!!!
but that’s only my personal-ish opinion-ish…about the Ninja-ish thingy



Cool one!!


nice painting …:buttrock: !!!"


impressive work, i ilke the colors and atmosphere


great technique


Thx for all~
I’ve added the other one “lost”, and hope you like it:)


Very sweet. You captured the essence of the Street Samurai in the RPG “ShadowRun”. Good job.


I like it. Very good. I love the coloring in the first one.


speed paint, eh? pretty frikin’ nice. i love the second one. i like how you kept everything simple except for the highlights. nicely done. the samurai one i’m not as impressed as the blue one, but still nice background lighting effects. :thumbsup:


Brilliant pics ! The design for both characters is awesome. The lighting in the lost in deep pic is very cool.


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