Character: RTS melee soldier


This is a rush job I did last night…
342 polys.

It’s based on a “Steam Punk” theme.

Comments are welcome.


hehe cool, allthough I wouldnt really say it´s steampunk.

Texture looks ok, could need some more highlights. The model is also ok.
The seams and distortion on the side of his arms may be a bit to strong.

For the time you did it, it is a solid piece of work.


What do you think I should add/change to make it more steam punk?


well add something that produces steam :slight_smile:

The thing is my eyes at the moment, he looks a bit like a rock, the metal should really look like metal (the hightlights I mentioned in the post before).
Maybe give some parts a different color and/or give him some cloth hanging down somewhere where it looks good.


i really like it. but in someway i cant see the 342 polys. maybe just because i modelled recently something with a low polycount too, dunno . how about a wire from his back?

edit: how about doing the weapon out of 2 single polys with alpha?


Okay here’s an update!

I did what you said, Phil, and added some stronger highlights, hopefully making it more metallic.
Added vents, steam exhaust holes, a furnace (stomach), some cables, rust, mud, etc.

I didnt add cloth cause he’s a robot. :shrug:

I also trimmed down the polys on the weapon (sledge-clever I call it :slight_smile: ) lowering the count to 314.

@Ingurum: Thanks! …Well, I’m pretty sure that’s the right poly count, but now you’re making me wonder… About the weapon, I didnt want to skimp on it cause I wanted to give it a heftyness which wouldve been lost if it looked thin.


I like him more now :slight_smile:
esspecially the new backpackthing :slight_smile:

The only thing that bothers me at the moment, thats just a style thing, is the head. Very simple, nothing spectacular, very plain. Maybe put a symbol on it or some bolts, somthing to make it look special.

Still, very cool


uuuhhh ah you improved the skin very well, is there any concept? is he smiling ? :smiley: really great model. the polys could be right, on the first pic it just looked a bit less smooth
hey how about showing the textured mesh? :smiley:


Looks great, and I think that you may have been able to spare a few more polies though, in todays computers, even fair;y old computers like mine, can handle massed units of up to 700 polies, so you may have been able to put some more detail in to make it look more steampunk.


That could be true. but imho rts models have to be such low poly, imagine if a thousand of those move. My Pc craps already with some hundred low poly models ike in warcraft 3 (ok, bad example- has many effects). But i think the model does fine. maybe still optimize something on the texture. If you think he isnt really “steampunky” enough i would do a new model, based on an other concept.


Thanks Bigglzee,

It was at the request of the people who wanted this that I made it 314 polys. They said “weigh in at about 300”… so I did my best. It’s really my first low-poly model and I quite enjoyed it… I think because you can work fast and focus on a basic shape and proportions.

Ingurum, you’re right about that… I think they want to have hundreds of these guys on the screen, so it’s the least you can do to optimize the performance at this level.

Here’s my attempt at coloring… I added the symbol to the head as suggested and cleaned it up quite a bit. I’m not sure I really like it with this color scheme though…

and from the back…

I think it’s shaping up…

time to animate! :slight_smile:


I really think that color scheme doesnt do it justice, I reckon you should make any colors desaturated darkish red, this would make it look a lil more steampunkish.

Looks great though :smiley:


Okay, I tend to agree with you…

I actually started with red and then for some reason I went gold. (I’m really bad at coloring… it’s my biggest weakness I think.) I’ll try out the desaturated red idea. Thanks!


your right it is shaping up, I would animate to now :slight_smile:


4 what/whom are you doing the model?
i like how you work on the model. i dont watch that much on colors, so i just wanted to ask still why you are painting that wide black(just dark) stripes to divide the armor. at the shoulders it looks great but at the elbows its kinda too wide.

2 cents given by Ingurum


Ingurum, it’s for Garage Games. They’re making an RTS Game Pack for developers, so that they can easily make RTS type games.

Here’s what it looks like in their engine…

(it’s not going to be viewed up that close in the Pack though, but I like the way it looks in the engine.)

Here’s some team colors:

Also, I fixed the black band at the elbow so that it looked more shadowy and rounded. The reason it’s bigger there than at the shoulder is because I thought it should look more flexible…


Attack animation! (keyframes only) :slight_smile:


That’s funny, I like it, I was wondering how the arms would look animated, based off the frame that you put up, I thought it would tear but it turned out nice, and it still looks good for a low poly count, I love it man, you should imitate some Tekken moves just for laughs, but I really like it, I’m trying to learn here, but I’ll pull it together


Hey I just read over something I missed, are you using the garage games engine too? I’m actually doing tutorials out of there right now, is there a huge difference with the RTS and the regular one? this is really good, and I’m amazed at some of the stuff that’s already created with the engine, some of the games are really good, even thoe there basic, but there really good, thanks for posting this


Thanks, rookie :slight_smile: …glad you like it.

Yes, I’m using their Torque engine. works great.

They (Garage Games) decided to make this because there were so many people saying “I know Torque can do FPS games, but what if I want to make an RTS game?”… so this RTS Pack will save people who are interested in doing this from having to build a basic RTS game structure from scratch.


RTS Pack Technical features:
*Powerful RTSUnit class is highly optimized for networking and simulation, yet supports Torque´s 3Space object rendering technology, including shadows, complex animations, and LOD. You are free to customize your game´s rendering capabilities, to tune performance versus visual quality.
*Efficient networking update system allows you to create games supporting multiple players each with several dozen units
*Script-oriented design enables rapid development, and easy game customization
*Built on Torque. Supports powerful networking, flexible GUIs, demo recording, particle systems, all of Melv´s fx components, profiling, and editors

RTS Pack Gameplay features:
*Building animation and placement system with visual feedback
*3D RTS camera
*RTS units support an easily customizable attack model, easily modifiable abilities, and can be individually “buffed” in a network-efficient manner
*Fully capable RTS Minimap can be used to control the camera, and displays map terrain, unit and building positions, current camera view box, and alerts
*Full drag-and-click RTS unit and building selection system
*RTS-friendly, flexible GUI features
*Multiplayer game lobby
*Complete unit grouping and selection system enables robust player control, and utilizes a network-efficient update scheme

…so, that’s to answer you question about the difference between this and the engine itself. It’s essentially an extension of the engine tailored for RTS games.

I’m not a huge fan of RTS games myself, but this is pretty cool and alot of the Garage Game community really like the idea.

They will be shipping the pack soon…