Character: Royal Queen of The Guard (The Sky Is Falling)


This image was done using ZBrush 1.51.

The main body of the figure was modelled using the new ZSphere tool. The breastplates and the boots were also modelled using the ZSphere tool.

The hair was modelled from a sphere with the front part of it masked and the points hidden.

The skirt was modelled from a tapered cylinder and was made transparent using the “clone” brush.

The rock formations were built up using the new “spray” stroke.

I used an alpha to add a subtle texture to the fog.

The meteors were done by placing a few spheres throughout the scene and drawing out the trails using the “hook” brush. The glow material was used for the meteors.

There was originally going to be a creature in the scene, but it wasn’t helping out the composition any so I decided against adding it.

For the lighting, I used a white overhead light with an aperature of 180 and 300 shadow rays. I used a brown fill light coming from below to simulate light reflecting from the ground and I used two shadowless red point lights for light from a couple of the meteors.

For a more complete walkthrough of how the image was put together you can check this thread on CGTAlk in the WIP Gallery:

As always, constructive feedback/critique welcome.


the work is pretty good…
I think the eyes are a bit too big.
the background doesn’t really match the “Sky is falling” mood.
should have like a land destroyed by the meteors falling from the sky.


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