character: Rosencrantz


Been working on him on an off over the last couple days. I’m almost done with him, just looking for some C&C before I finish. After I’m done with him, I gotta design his companion, Guildenstern.

Oh, and just to avoid confusion, the opposite edges on his knives are supposed to be the dull side (the inside edge on one blade, the outside edge on the other). One is for slashing, the other is for hooking/gutting, etc.


Tis’ great!!
only small critique would be that the lines would vary alittle, in width , colour, transparency,?maybe smudge them a little, ?
besides that great work, keep it up!!!


my only crit would be the dagger in his right hand. it just seems odd. maybe that’s how i’d look, but it just seems flat to me

good work all in all though :slight_smile:


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