Character: Robotica upgrade!!!!


This is the new robotica upgrade.
I hope you like it.

3d studio max.

hi guys



Well done but I don’t like the hairs.


Very nice looking face structure. I like the upgrades… good hair and makup. Nice use of lighting, positioning, and focul blur too. Overall, very good job!


thanks alot


Think I saw this image in another post, but I really dig it. And contrary to what I’ve been reading, I like the hair. Gives it a nice “Characteristic” style…kinda like Anime hair. Great job.:applause:


You rendered with MAX default renderer???

or you used another render engine… ?

Its great!!!


nice! :thumbsup:


very very nice. I see you been looking
at Battel Angel Alita when modelling her.

Firma Default


Nice stuff :slight_smile:

I think the hair is alright, what gets me is the nose being a bit too thin and the helmet makes her look like a Devo fan. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that). The helmet just needs something with a bit more character I feel, it seems too plain compared to the rest of the outfit.

Either way, a very cool image.


Ok I’ll impruve the helmet and maybe I’ll animate the character.

thanks alot



Loox like Mila Yavovich joined Starship Troopers!:slight_smile:


I don`t know…the model seems to be good, although it resembles too much Battle Angel Alita.


the zoom in face!

So you can see the texture


ciao Baldasseroni salutami Marco (Spintoni)…ciao



Ok, lunedi` mattina gli porgo i tuoi saluti :slight_smile:

(Spitoni cmq)



Really nice mood. I think the face modelisation needs more work : nostrils, forhead, etc. The textures work very well and nearly hide the defaults of modellisation. :thumbsup:


wow! very nice work…:bounce:
I the first version was good too, but I like her much better with hair…


I disagree on nose; I think it looks fine.
I can only recommend some more contrast and gloss on the eye, a twinkle or reflection in the black pupil area would be ideal and might add some of ‘the spark of life’.

An impressive work both on character and the scene construction-I am a big fan of the subtle brushed steel armor plating- the “not quite chrome” but metallic effect is my favorite.

-D. Phoenix


It looks hard to make armet on.
Nice work. Keep post…:thumbsup: :wip: :wip:


I persist, he could have worked more on the face. But it is still good work :thumbsup:


Yeah! I’m agree, I must impruve the eyes border, but I like the nose.