Character : Robot


thanks guys,

good to see that you guys like it, yeah i’ll try to do the particle thing, shouldn’t be that hard. :D… hopefully!!!


Ive been waiting to see this thing in action, any chance of any updates or even some animation?:scream:


I agree, let’s see some movement!

Awesome design, dude. Really well done.


hey guys,
i’m working on the animation, i’ll post it in a week at the max, here’s the latest render of it, i think gonna use this one for the final turnaround he’s gonna walk into the light :D.

Gr8 C & C guys… appriciate it!!! Makes me wanna finish the animation test sooner :D. and i shall have the animation posted in a week. sorry for the delay, been working on another character.



been following this robot from the start of this thread but haven’t made a comment until now. but after seeing these latest images i couldn’t resist telling you that this is pretty awesome dude.

would love to see him in a better scene though, i think he deserves it. as like everyone else i can’t wait to see it being animated.


good to hear you like it, i am working on the animation as i’m sending this e-mail :D. Yeah i was thinking about putting him in a better scene, just didn’t want the scene to grab more attention. but i will definitely think abt doing that. I have about 19 days left to finish my reel so kind of a crunch time:D.



:thumbsup: wow…looking very good!!!
i too, am looking forward to seeing this beauty animated!! especially looking forward to seeing how you convey the sense of weight, as im sure a machine like this would weigh a fair bit!!


you’re a mad man!!!

very great work. the rig seems very complex, and looks like yo are using XSI, so no worries on getting good controls .
this is great work , i hope you see this project through, this is inspirational.


hey guys here’s an updated image of my robot, rendered, gonna turn down the reflection and try out the dirtmap on it. and the animation test, its just a hidden line capture of the robot… trying to walk. I’ll post the renders soon.

Anim : - (Right Click and Save As… doesnt work otherwise… i tried :D)

Images : - (Plain Lighting)

thanks again for all the help guys…


okay, that’s just amazing… so many moving parts, and he really looks pretty heavy when he walks… i’d make him look just a LITTLE bit heavier, though… also, his left arm does something weird at the end of the anim… but it’s probably just a test anyway… beautiful work, man. can’t wait to see the finished animation!


the link for the mov didnt work for me… the one thing I can see from the regular renders are the hoses, greyish rubber ones, they seem to glow a lil but so maybe turn the radiance down on them and make them a lil more black…also maybe a diff color for the eyes… just to dd a lil but of color to him… just a thought… i like them now but they are kind of just lost in the whole thing ya know?


i’ll try that out!!! Right click and “save target as”… just tried that out :smiley:


You have made me cry and choke and also told me that i suck at modeling :applause: . Anyway its an awsome model and the animation kicks ass, it would take me 3 years to find out how to rig as good as you.


Hey Biren, now that i see these renders, damn, you need some particles to your animation! Good you got the 6 extra weeks to work on it! If i can help you with the particles, i’d be honored!

When will you start on a “garage” for him? Just played a little Doom 3, if he had a gun, i’d love him as a backup in those tunnels…


Oh my God !!!
Man what you’ve done is so incredible to me ! The model at first, with SO MUCH details, and it gives the impress that it’s real, that it could really work that way!
And “OUCH!”, it also moves ? Incredible, that’s it man !
I agree with Capel, would have made it look just a little bit heavier !


thanks guys… and chris i’ll take u up on that offer :D… Go Particles!!! :smiley:
and geneticlone… think ur giving me too much critique :D… thanks guys!!


hey guys i was just fixing up some animation issues on the robot, here’s a newer version of the robot animation… unfortunately still a capture. Renders coming soon :smiley:

Right click and “Save Target as…”



You bastard! Good Stuff man! Animationwise all it needs is more delay on the weightshift when it picks up the legs off the ground… it will give more drag and feel heavier. Other than that is looking awesome! Render is not too shabby but its really reflective, if you could put some reflection maps just to break up the reflections a bit it would add a lot to it, where are the lights? Did you turn them off?

Good job once again,


hey buddy,

yaeh lights are gonna be a seperate pass. and i’ll try to fix the animation :D. abt the reflection map… the next 2 months :D… r gonna be textures, spec and reflection maps :D. I’ll be rendering out the animation tonight.


Hi Biren, i’m from class 49… 3rd semester and i’m working on concepts… i don’t have to say much as you’re already doing an awesome job… are you in the modelling stream? i’m thinking of doing a robot in a modelling reel… since you’re now a master of modelling and rigging robots. could you please give me some comments in terms of my character design? i would really appreciate it… you are indeed a strong student… it’s gonna be a kick ass reel! looking forward to seeing it in grad screening. :slight_smile: