Character : Robot


Hi Biren, i’m from class 49… 3rd semester and i’m working on concepts… i don’t have to say much as you’re already doing an awesome job… are you in the modelling stream? i’m thinking of doing a robot in a modelling reel… since you’re now a master of modelling and rigging robots. could you please give me some comments in terms of my character design? i would really appreciate it… you are indeed a strong student… it’s gonna be a kick ass reel! looking forward to seeing it in grad screening. :slight_smile:



Stunning in a word! Detail beyond detail, nice movie too. Look forward to seeing further progression.



hey guys,
here’s a render of the animation. minor crashing issues, i’ll prolly fix 'em soon.
well here’s the link to the new quicktime. didn’t wanna make it too big, so bad colors… (damn compression :slight_smile: ) (Right Click and Save Target As… doesnt work otherwise)

btw abt the crashes, this walk was just to demonstrate it working… (and take my mind off modelling for a lil’ bit :smiley: ), so dont know if i’m gonna fix the crashing yet. newayz thanks for the feedback guys.

Capel : i will try to add more stuff if i get time for it because i have to get this guy done and another character textured by the 17th of this month :D. shit load of work!!!.. FUN!!!


I saw this in the early days…

My! how he’s grown. seriously great work. the motion is pretty neat too.:thumbsup:

He looks expensive now, maybe you could have him in a pinny frying an egg or doing the hoovering (Sony eat your heart out). he he he


Oh yeah, If you have time, check “Airflow” he has a project (WIP) that could do with some advice/guidance. Its a semi organic android thing, I think it was the crossover between organic and mechanical saliva gland/duct components that was getting him thinking.

ps: I’d love to attend your Grad Screening, keep us posted.:slight_smile:


hey mogla,
good to hear u like it… i try :D. well i tried to find WIP posted by “Airflow” couldn’t find much. there were a couple in the WIP, sparta and esahia… just lemme know where.

btw ur welcome to grad screening… u ex-VFS??? or still in here???



WOW, nice details ^^ cool. do u have any close up shots?


yeah rendering 'em :D… no textures though, liked it clean… probably texture it later, dunno yet.


Sorry, misleading wording. Airflow has work in progress that is “in progress” but not posted. This one job involves the internal workings of the human/android head, which you clearly demonstrate your understanding of mechanics/rigging and therefore made you an unsolicited victim of my attentions. Even he doesn’t know (yet) of my approaching you regarding this matter. He’s a very advanced modeller with high standards and skill level but some technical aspects of this particular project so far have evaded resolution.

Airflow is a member of CGTalk, so I was hoping you would be able to link with him through these channels, but if not, privately I will supply his Email address

In answer to your question: I started as a hobbyist but people liked my stuff and now I’m self employed doing 2d/3d design, visualisation & video compositing work and my personal project (with mates) is an animated short based around 14th century ninjas in japan (still at synopsis & scripting stage). If you visit my site there are some early quick renders (Hanshiros palace, Red ninja girl) which we are using for story board purposes.

Thanks for your speedy responce, & I definately wanna be @ that screening, I’ve leant just by looking…

Thx again:thumbsup:


yeah saw ur work… pretty good. newayz “Airflow” can message me anytime, i’ll help out… as much as i can. no problems there. i was just asking “ex-VFS??” coz u said u wanted to see the grad screening. well they post the good reels on the website check it out.

newayz here are a few close ups of the robot. havn’t even started texturing him yet.


hey biren…
you’ve progressed so much since the last post. the animation is looking great, and you paid a lot of attention to detail. keep working towards perfection. and in time, when it is all put together, this will be one of your major masterpieces. good luck… and i look forward to seeing the final piece.



now i’m just afraid to disappoint soo many ppl… i’ll try not to!!!:smiley:


Absolutely killer robot!
Insane details and rigging.

if you put as much thought and attention to detail in your textures as you have into everything else…this will be front page material no problem!

btw…my vote is for glowing red iris’ (should make his head stand out a bit) not to mention the cool factor for walking out of darkness into a spotlight.

waiting for more progress! :beer:


will do, i’ll try that out… no prob. and yeah i’ll try to make the textures look good.


BirEn, (<<< I think I got it right this time)

I just took a squint at the latest renders, they are truly magnificent. However, I can see hydraulics and mechanics but not much evidence of any supporting electronics. How is he powered/motivated, is he intended to be self governing or remotely controled?

Since you posted this I keep the box of tissues very close to my computer:love:

Keep it up.

Ps: Airflow should be contacting you very soon. If poss, please send out a link to the showreel website you mentioned previously.





i know i thought abt the electronics thing,

probably gonna texture it no point in modelling really small parts. but i was thinking of putting an engine under his thigh or on the sides… still thinking abt it. well i’ll put the updates if i decide to do that.



Finally, you’re done with your reel! all the best!.. looking forward to see the final reel :slight_smile:


thanks man… !!!


hey man cool stuff…i was the guy in magics class that asked if we could see it…cool stuff very intricate and detailed…im wondering how you kept your sanity…hehe i think you guys are cutting your reels now right?? anyways i will look out for this one :slight_smile: