Character : Robot


Hey guys,
here’s a robot i was working on for past week. the goal of making this was to make everything function on him. I was rigging it as i built it. The character is gonna be symmetrical so spent most time on 1 side. And i was building the mechanics before the armor.

I still have to make armor for the leg, but wanted to expose most of the machinery. newayz lemme know all suggestions are welcome.


btw if you see floating cylinders its most probably intentional :D, like i said i haven’t completed it yet.



Lots of hydraulics around around there. Hard to tell what’s going on…
At least i think i can imagine what belongs to what.

2 Things really bothering me:
First of all the pressure bottles driving the pistons on the legs. That’s not going to work.
You have to make a setup with a pump ( in the chest? ), a piston and 2 cables ( 2 cables! That’s not LEGO with just 1 cable! ) connecting them both.

Next the gears rotating the shoulders… They look a little weak. Btw. why not make them work with hydraulics too? Most of the Robot works with hydraulics. I would try to stick with one type of movement. ( maybe you don’t but i would :} )

Something else:
Be carefull not to make some parts too thin, like on the feet.
The strongest arm cannot hold a weight if the legs are too weak ;}

I’ll guess we’ll have to wait until skeleton has arrived from the production facility.

Btw. What’s the purpose of this robot?


Thanks for the feedback monolith… will work on it, yeah about the shoulders, was gona use hydraulics, but didn’t make the torso yet and that was gonna be a big part of the torso. but alwayz good to know.
the robot is gonna be one of the characters on my reel, studying at VFS right now, last month so things have to be rushed :D.



BirEn, the Robot is looking good. The things i dont really like are the body and
the forearm. My suggestion will be make your forearm bigger and lower. If you check the APU in Matrix, you will have some good idea what i am talking abut…
Check out:
There have some good examples about APU.

anyhow, it’s a pretty good model …


wow thats so awesome…really detailed stuff. cant wait to see it finished!


That’s insane… :scream:

I’d like to see you (try?) animate this…


Funny you would ask me that, coz i was getting the same response from other people too. well i did do some animation on it. dont have it here with me right now, but i’ll post that soon too.

the controllers for animation weren’t all that much, the rig’s setup to work just with these controllers and the legs are gonna be IK anywayz. so no problem there. here is a picture of the controllers that have to be used and the actual geometry. The animation would be dont on an extremely low poly version of the same.

not as complex as it looks :D.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!!!


wow… BIREN!

you’ve made so many changes since
the last time i saw it. and i must say
that your animation tests were quite
awesome as well. can’t wait to see
what you can do with the new changes.

much respect,


Sweet job Biren!

Its coming along pretty well, I only got a few suggestions. For all these pistons this guy is going to need a shit load of different pumps, controllers, cables and actuators.

You are also going to need to design what drives this bastard but aside from that and from what you showed me its looking pretty sweet.

Now some less technical and more artistic advice: stop using cylindres for now, vary the shapes for new objets because right now 75% of the objects are cylinders.
I love this thing because its rigged and working well, keep up the good work!


hey guys,
here’s stage 2 of the robot,
i still have to buil up the front and the legs a bit, so far so good, still everything on it works. newayz C & C… most welcome!!!

here it is :


Here is the complete modelled version of the robot.
The functionalities i added to this one are as folows : -

Auto Iris : there’s an icon for main source of light which can be placed anywhere. The robot’s Iris will adjust according to the source of light.

Every part on the leg including the pistons and the gears are functional. And any gears you see anywhere on the robot are functional, by functional i mean you dont have to animate them, they work as you move the arms or legs or shoulders or head. All C & C are welcome!!!


Rig : Usable rig

Complete rig


Hey Biren

I love it its really great model and on top of that very small part of it is working can’t wait to see him walking. My one suggestion is put some color in the background . It wiil add lot to ur composition.



Absolutely amazing. Great job.


thanks vinni i’ll keep that in mind!!!


CRAZY Model Biren. Lots of detail. I want to see this thing move! you should set up some particles and stuff to shott out the vents when certain parts move and stuff! heh heh GO GO GO!


The gears seem really out of place in a creation with such an abundance of hydraulics…



Jaw dropping. This is looking so damn impressive. I really want to see it animated, see those pistons and gears work their magic. I agree with Vinay, there should be some colour in it, maybe your planning to texture him, oh god this is going to look so damn good, i can definately see this endionog up on the front page. Keep it up dude:thumbsup:

Top Banana:applause:



Very impressive model. I just hope that the feet are not smooth underneath, he looks like he’s gonna be a weighty mutha and we wouldn’t want him slip sliding away. Also for added detail maybe there could be further hydraulics even on his little ninja toes.

My only real concern however, is that it looks like he could be prone to falling on his face, perhaps slightly extending the feet in the forward direction would suffice.

In addition, these days we use cable ties, maybe you could include groups of pipes/cables for added complexity (like wiring looms where the origin and destination of the leads are different but a large part of their route is the same).


Hey Biren!

Sweet Job Man! Glad that you are done with geometry now its time to make this guy look even better :buttrock:. I’ll give you any help you need to get the HDRI working on this guy. I want to see you showing off those gears. pumps amd hydraulics working with the best of the renders!

Let’s keep this guy rocking! :twisted:


:scream: excellent, excellent, excellent… love this…superd detail, cool concept!
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